Ancient Realms

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Ancient Realms is a mod about the exploration of new dimensions and dangerous dungeons.


Go through many dimensions and find out everything about the dimensions and it's creator.

But you're not doing it alone, there are NPC's who might want your help in exchange of items, information and progression.

However, beware of dangerous traps and monsters that are lurking in the darkness.. waiting to grab, slash and tear you apart.

Though there are many dangers you might find yourself a fortune.

The Latest Trailer


All dimensions are different. They have their own flora, fauna and ambience.

But most importantly.. a story to tell. 


Beware: This mod is still in development, we try our best to polish every dimension as much as we can before we release an update but

It is possible to encounter some bugs while playing.

The 1.12.2 version is no longer supported, please do not report bugs on that version as we wont fix them..

We are however open for suggestions and post updates on our Ancient Realms Discord server
Feel free to join :)



(Yes, you can use this for your modpack.)




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Ancient_Realms.jar - Ancient Realms V1.0 (head over to curseforge for the latest version)Uploaded on: 05/19/2020 - 23:50   File size: 5.05 MB

One can use on structure spawned procedure to spawn more structures relative to coordinates of the original one. One way to do this.

Congratulations for MOTW, this really looks like a complete dimension, can't wait to see the others! :D

This mod is a masterpiece!!! Currently doing a survival world and it's one of the most fun dimensions i explored. After finishing its 27 dimensions I'm sure this mod will be one of the biggest mods on mcreator.

The only problem with this mod is that every time I play it I get really hungry... Congrats for MOTW!

I see .
In the moment that i see the trailer something tell me (this is a Mcreator mod?)

Hi. I wanted to ask about something. I really like your mods and I noticed youre were skilled with structure generation. I tryed to do a simple random dungeon but every time it gets generated. it freezes minecraft for couple of second. Is there a way to remove this freeze?