Matter Of Form

Published by Aethelwyn on Mon, 10/18/2021 - 10:17
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Minecraft Forge mod
GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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NEW UPDATE - Sprouts & 11 New Biomes!

Sprouts are an Ecological species of passive "creepers" that cultivate unique plants to the biomes they inhabit. Jasper Sprouts specifically have a unique crop known as the Jasper Bulb, which can be used for regeneration potions that do not require going to the Nether.

11 New Biomes were added including the new (seasonal) biomes like the Gourd & Boneyard. - These are the final new biomes of the mod, and no more will be added in new updates.


Matter Of Form is my largest mod to date featuring 77 new biomes, an enormous amount of wood types, many new resources & so much more that pictures simply cannot capture all that is here. You can explore the world throughout & potentially come across a new biome you have not seen before!

The mod also features some additions to help the vanilla game - and acts as a much grander in scale mod sequel to Reversion


Any Bug Reports or issues with having both Matter Of Form & either Reversion or Immersion (my 2 previous mods) will not be considered
This is the official sequel to both, and will eventually suffer an enormous amount of conflicts with both mods.


Choose your destiny in this game-changing mod
- Explore the world as a nomad, collecting each unique type of wood to sell to fellow player
- Protect the irreplaceable Boojum Trees from exploitation - or wipe them off the face of the overworld
- Find the ultra rare Jasper & Aum forests & live out your life as the protectorate of magical biomes
- Or for the most epic of all - Explore the remains of what came before in the Ashen Biomes, discover the secrets presented & find uses for the unique resources found there.

The choice is yours Traveller

Resources Tabloid








On occasion throughout your world you will discover new & unique items that may be of use to you
Things like Jade, Rock Salt, Overworld Quartz, Uraninite, Sulphur & Nitre can be found across various biomes and can be used to take the edge off of farming creepers for their gunpowder or building with Quartz & Jade to signify purity. Or go after the rare Ashen Stone, Latite, Pholite & Alum to build unique structures from.


Throughout the world you can come across peaceful creatures such as the Mooblooms or Sprouts - Sprouts are Ecological Preservationists & will occasionally plant native or unique plants to the biomes.


Biome Tabloid








The world is forever changed by 77 new & unique biomes dotting the landscape, ascend to the top of the Granite Peaks & Claim the top of the world as your own, burrow in the Mud Flats to dissuade all but the most patient of travellers. Or perhaps get lost in the Eldritch Forest or simply go searching for the exceptionally rare Aum wood.

With over 20 different wood types & a wide variety of new resources exploration is a must, each specific wood can be found only in their specific Biomes.


In future versions, plans for additional Biomes will be created, and I will always reserve those biomes until a massive version change, there will be ample warning to any additional biomes about a week before the update is planned to release. I will always be sure to keep an open channel concerning changes that can mess with worlds.


Future Plans








So you might be wondering - What are the plans with this mod, the plan is to make this the most expansive & unique mod for minecraft & include within it several submods that all change the game in new & unique ways. Each update will attempt to flesh out each & every biome that has been added, and eventually create an immersive & atmospheric mod that allows the ultimate level of creativity with no loss of Form.

As of Version 1 we have only just released - and while the mod currently focuses on adding wood types & biomes, we intend to flesh out every single area of the game to make a totally transformative experience of minecraft.


Modification files
MOF-1.000.0029HF.jar - MOF v2.919.26 MB

-=-=== Minor Update 6 + Hotfix ===-=-


Fixed Sprout Spawning

-=-=== Major Update 2 ===-=-

This is the largest update to the mod since its initial release & contains many new biomes pushing the grand total up to 11 Biomes

+ New Biomes (incl. Slate Moor, Shale Seas, Heimrock, Sand Dunes, Barrier & Marsh & more) & The final new biomes of the mod
+ Added seasonal biome (Boneyard)
+ Several new stone types = Slate, Heimschist, Crag, Limestone & Movine
+ New variations for Ashen Stone
+ Added usability for Mooblooms
+ Added new peaceful mobs called Sprouts, Tiny rideable creatures that maintain ecological balance in the world & plant native crops for the region
+ Added Jasper Bulb, a plant planted exclusively by Jasper Sprouts - Harvesting it results in the Jasper Chestnut which can be used to make Regeneration potions or as a decent food source
+ Added new potion recipes mainly focused on Regeneration, Poison & Wilt
+ Added Soulium (the blue Glowstone) & Added recipes for Glowstone Dust & Soulium Dust
+ Added uses for Painted Sand
+ Added Painted Duck
+ Added the Limeperse Flower
+ Added Dense Coal Ore in Ashen Biomes
~ Tweaked several bugs with the Sounds within the Ashen Biome
~ Fixed Ashen Biome damage
~ Fixed several bugs related to the Killer Duck

-=-=== Matter Of Form - Minor Update 5 ===-=-

Enabled Saplings
Added Painted Ducks to Painted Deserts & Pink Forests
Enabled Breeding for Ducks (incl. Killer Duck)
Added Milk collection from Flower Cows
Enabled Bees to pollinate off of Flower Cows (still under testing)
Added Root blocks for various tree types
Added enableBiomeDamage gamerule
Added Wilt Effect in Ashen Biomes
Added Soulium & Soulbloom blocks
Added recipes for Glowstone Dust & Soulium Dust
Added use for Blime Ball
Added Ashen Totem (used for traversing Ashen Biomes)
Increased diamond Generation in Ashen Biomes
Added uses for Sulphur & Uraninite
Added various improvements to generation optimisation

-=-=== Major Update 001 ===-=-
Added Moobloom + 3 other variations
Fixed an enormous amount of generation bugs
Fixed Emission textures for loads of blocks
Repaired various additional sounds
Fixed Killer Duck targetting list
Fixed Flower Generation

-=-=== Minor Update 0004 ===-=-

Fixed fishing rod crash... nono I'm serious

-=-=== Minor Update 0003 ===-=-

Fixed grasses
Removed Grass Tint from Myosotis

-=-=== Minor Update 0002 ===-=-

Fixed Recipes for Jasper, Palm & Boojum woods
Fixed Recipes that required tags (most planks, logs, etc)
Added forge tags for ; Nitre, Sulphur, Uraninite, Rock Salt, Jade & other materials
Added beacon payment & base for Jade
Renamed Mud to Silt
Fixed Sculk Overgrowth's Emission texture
Fixed several tags & recipes
Added Silt & Peat Bricks

-=-=== Initial Release ===-=-

Featuring 66 Biomes, 20+ Wood Types, Several new stones & resources - Peaceful Recipes for needed items

Future updates will further flesh out these biomes.

Woo, another mod by our dear Aethelwyn, and looks awesome :D will you drop Reversion, though, or just migrate its features here?

A bit of both, Reversion isnt receiving anymore updates, and most features (except most food ones) will end up over in this mod. Essentially Reversion is being dropped into this mod with vast improvements. (Ducks & Palm Wood have already been transferred over with various improvements)

The plan is to just make the more specialized things (nether, food & farming, etc features) into a different submods & addons

Great to hear then! I loved both Immersion and Reversion, and seeing that you are on your way to find right path is really uplifting ^^
If you still want me making a translation into Polish, I'm totally open for it ^^ (I had tough time lately, so couldn't finish the one for Reversion, but maybe that is for the better now)

I have released a Minor Update to tackle some of the Day 1 Release Issues

Palm, Jasper & Boojum now have recipes again
Mud has been changed to Silt (thanks 1.19), and both Silt & Peat now have a use
tons of new fixes have gone through, aswell as compatibility with other mods using forge tags
and much more!


I have fixed the Killer Duck's AI and instead of releasing a small update with only 1 fix

I have added a couple of new things, including the beloved MOOBLOOM (+3 variations of it)!

Wow nice, I'd suggest you reduce the amount of killer ducks in their biome, they can be quite resource intensive 😅. Would love to see more mob diversity (as well as making them useful in one way or another) in these biomes though, mooblooms are a great start :D

Thank you Matej! - I did find the Killer Duck spawning this morning, and while it'd be fun to have a biome full of Ducks that may or may not be out for blood, I have reduced it like was needed. Hopefully getting that fix out with some extra biomes this weekend.

I'm currently trying to figure out how to get bees to collect nectar from the Mooblooms, but so far haven't figured it out; I'll take the mob diversity & usefulness idea to heart though! Working on 2 new useful mobs at the moment to spruce up some of the more unique biomes.