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Published by dannyG123 on Wed, 08/24/2022 - 05:16
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Minecraft Plus adds over 100 NEW biomes, along with NEW ores and armor/tools, NEW mobs, and so many blocks! Using assets from Tung112's Bicbiomecraft, Minecraft Plus aims to not only remake Bicbiomecraft's iconic features but also bring back the wild, the weird, the unnatural generation and vibe from old minecraft mods. 

Since I've started school, this mod will not be updated as often. :(



Clementite y 12-140

Wawokinium y 5-60

Tung y 1-12

Bicbonium y 20-80

Skinkinium y 40-70

Purpulite *unique blocks not tools :D* y 5-25

Cramium *used for new boss :D* y 1-24

Corruption Shards *also used for new boss :D* y 12-140

*all have their own unique armors and tools*


Tung: A fireborn monster who will shoot "firebombs" at you till you die an explosive death!

The Silent: A quiet and stealthy monster who will sneak up on you and blow you up on contact!

The Wonderer: A quiet man whom will defend you at all costs!

.... . .-. --- -... .-. .. -. .: .... .. --


The Corrupted: A monster created from souls of the ancients! (Spawned by crafting a Corruption Altar and using the Ancient Amulet)



Eventually update to 1.18-1.19

Moar biomes

Moar mobs

Moar ores

Moar blocks


I wanted to learn and make a mod in 3 days so I made this mod with MCreator with little to no knowledge. The mod is in a playable state but there may be occasional bugs that I will address soon. 


Modification files
dannyGsMinecraftPLUS1dot3.jar - v.1.3 Uploaded on: 09/22/2022 - 04:20   File size: 4.33 MB


official release



Fixed mob's spawning on leaves

Fixed texture issues

Fixed localization

Custom grass now drops their respective soils

Fixed leaves dropping their blocks

Fixed spawn rates

Fixed hardness and resistance of all blocks

Fixed flammability

Fixed mob's AI

Fixed breaking ores with fists

Fixed Tung Ore spawn rates

Fixed generation issues

Glass Shards now do 20 damage

Upon eating Glass Shards, a special text pops up

Buffed Tung Armor and Tools

Nerfed the Silent

Nerfed the Clouds of Pendulum

Balanced the Tung Monster

Removed Yallow Small Tree structures

Removed Yallow Shrub structures

Removed Ruby ore, armor and tools

Added new Colored Stones and their cobblestone variants

Added Limestone 

Added planks for ALL woods

Added new Tung recipes (made it harder lol)

Added Cavestone

Added Lumen Dust

Added Biome Flask

Added Pink Sauce

Added Bottle o' Pink Sauce

Added new achievements

Added new ore "Purpulite"

Added armor for Purpulite

Added a pillar and whole block for Purpulite

Added a Tung Ingot Block

Added 5 new biomes

Added The Wonderer

Removed Herobrine

and a BUNCHA other stuff thats too nerdy to get into. I practically fixed so much my head hurts. :D



added recipes for all woods

rebalanced tools and armors

changed textures for skinkium


OKAY last update for now

blu grass drops blu soil now

woods turn into doors now

yellowleaf no longer makes a dirt sound

rest of bugs will be patched in future update


added doors for all woods

added fences and fence gates for all woods

added 2 new woods, redwood and inverted wood

added invertirack and invertisand

added tung chops

added tung burger

added inverticherries

added inverticherry pie

added chocolate fudge

added hot chocolate

added fudgebar

added sapings for all trees

added a backpack

added a quiver

added The Corrupted Boss

added Wandering Souls

added 32 new biomes

added over 20 new items

added the Axe of the Ancients, a multitool godaxe dropped from The Corrupted

added the corruption altar, will be used more in the future

added two new ores

added new stones

added wool stairs and slabs

and i added a lot moar that i don't even remember

buffed herobrine

reworked ai

reduced spawn rates

rotational logs

fixed a couple lighting issues, optifine and others work well teehee


fixed some sapling issues

fixed lighting

fixed a lot of damn bugs man!


added a melon biome!

added netherrack biome

added small changes

made spawn rate changes