FrostFire Mod (indev)

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WARNING: Mod has minor problems!





The FrostFire mod adds 4 new dimensions: The Frosty and the Fiery Dimension! (And their super counterparts!)

-The main element of these two dimensions are the fiery and the frost stone (accompanied with their cobblestone and bricks versions)

-2 new ores, the Bicel ore (currently has no use)  and Yuliken Ore (works as fuel, shard burns 32 items, block burns 288!)

-Bicel tools and armor (give the enemy slowness effect)

-Yuliken tools and armor (give the enemy burn effect for 10 seconds, tools have 680 durability, but are just as strong as iron)

-Be careful, as these dimension are quite dangerous (fire and frost phantoms lurk in these lands)!

-Pileace and Rocun ore: when smelted, you can craft Pileace and Rocun staff, which has 1800 uses and deal 10 damage!

-Fire and Frost Guardians now will protect you in these 2 dimensions, having 100 health and dealing 10 damage!

-Pileace/Rocun ingots, nuggets and blocks

-Smooth and Chiseled Frosty/Fiery stone bricks

-2 new overworld structures that contain the portal (and some enemies)

-Frosty/Fiery Grass (and dirt)

-Frosty/Fiery Strawberries

-Frosty/Fiery glowstone

-Super frosty/fiery dimensions (have only super frosty/fiery cobblestone and Super Phantoms)

-Frosty/Fiery Fortresses (with loot!)

-Frosty/Fiery Houses (randomly generated houses, inhabited by frosty/fiery guardians)

-Super Frosty/Fiery Phantoms (darker, faster, stronger, drop DIAMONDS upon death)

-Super Frosty/Fiery Cobblestone




1: Xp drops from the ores even when broken by hand

2: Fiery Fortress has some pig spawners in it (no matter how many times they were replaced)

3: Frosty House has no inhabitants


In time, we will make it better!


New features added, if requested!


Please, if you enjoy this mod, suggest things that you want us to add in future versions. That would be deeply appreciated!



ALEXYSSSJ4 (Changed generation type from "Nether" to "Surface")


RaolTheBest (Added Frosty/Fiery Glowstone, Frosty/Fiery Fortresses, Frosty/Fiery Houses, Super Frosty/Fiery Dimension)

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Project status
In development
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Modification files
FrostFireMod_(Version indev0.3.0).jar - Latest Version623.45 KB
FrostFireMod_(Version indev0.0.6).jar - Oldest Version of the Mod (Has the fewest features obviously)152.81 KB

Version indev0.3.0

-Added Frosty/Fiery Glowstone (can be crafted with 4 frosty/fiery stone and a glowstone block)

-Added Frosty/Fiery Fortresses (spawn rarely in the Frosty/Fiery dimension, have tons of phantoms and loot)

-Added Frosty/Fiery Houses (inhabited by 5 Frost/Fire Guardians)

-Added Super Frosty/Fiery Cobblestone

-Added Super Frosty/Fiery igniter (crafted with 2 Bicel/Yuliken blocks and a flint)

-Added Super Frosty/Fiery Phantoms (have 400 health, are FAST, deal 25 damage and drop DIAMONDS upon death)

-Guardians now aggressive towards super Frosty/Fiery Phantoms


Version indev0.2.1

-Fixed Structures Issue


Version indev0.2.0

-Added Frost and Fire Guardians (have 100 health and deal 10 damage)

-Added 2 new overworld structures than contain the portal (and some phantoms)

-Added Rocun and Pileace ore (along with ingots, nuggets and blocks)

-Added Rocun and Pileace staff (both have 1800 uses and deal 10 damage, Rocun staff sets enemies on fire, Pileace staff causes slowness)

-Added smooth and chiseled frosty/fiery stone bricks

-Fire and Frost Phantoms now hostile towards Fire/Frost Guardians too

-Changed the terrain type from "Nether" to "Surface", so that ice can normally appear (since it is the frosty dimension)


Version indev0.1.1

-Added Frost and Fire Phantoms (have 45 health, deal 7 damage, drop 10 xp upon death)


Version indev0.1.0

-Added Yuliken Tools and armor

-Added Bicel Tools and armor


Version indev0.0.6

-Added Frosty stone (crafted using a stone and a piece of ice), cobblestone, stone bricks

-Added Fiery stone (created by smelting stone) , cobblestone, stone bricks

-Added Fiery Dimension

-Added Frosty Dimension

-Added Fiery and Frosty Igniter (fiery igniter obtained by smelting flint and steel, frosty igniter obtained

-Added Bicel Ore, shard and block (currently has no uses)

-Added Yuliken Ore, shard and block (works as fuel)

good mod, (you should upload it to the page of forge) but you could to the dimension of frosty add ice (it seems more logical to me ice than water) you could also translate the mod to spanish (I could do the lang file)

I don't know, maybe you could add more elements (like earth, air, nature, etc.), some sea lantern-like blocks that are fire/ice elemental or new elemental structures for the dimensions (temples, wells, fortresses, villages...) with special loot