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The mod is provided at an early stage of development since the war in my country is on my heels, and I myself do not have financial stability, so “at least this way”.
Some items may not be available through normal means.

About the mod:
The mod will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a universe of crazy mushroom forests, cursed people and wandering ghosts.
it is alpha, but ready for now:
- two detailed biomes
- bundle of ghosts and unholy creatures based on Slavic mythology
- sets of jewelry in which you can insert a diamond, emerald or ruby. (their essence is high enchantment, different gems give different characteristics)
- some cultures, 13 types of alcohol that can be stored in wine boxes, various special foods.
- weapons against unholy ghosts, having 3D models
- cultivated giant mushrooms, some generation of ruins.
- large selection of atmospheric decorations
- specialized ores and other small items

Some things or mobs may not be clear because... The mechanics explaining the nuances are not yet ready. more about this below.
What will be ready with beta:
- a large dungeon with a boss, various ruins of the ancient world, abandoned villages, monuments.
- Notes from researchers telling about the weaknesses of mobs, the origin of ores, or various secrets. As well as books from the crypts, telling the history of the world, events in it, and other secrets of the bosses.
- Villages of ancient people turned into moths. different interactions with them.
- Various mechanics and reworking of current ones.
- Detailing of old biomes, several additional ones.

About snapshot:
The snapshot is not considered a permanent development for 1.16.5.
some things in it may not work, or not do it correctly.
it also lacks most of the generation from the original, but giant mushrooms can be grown independently and the snapshot has some of its own generation of simple dungeons, 
as well as ordinary living creatures in the world.

About addon "Endless Caves":
It exists exclusively for 1.12.2. Adds the dimension of caves, which have 4 biomes, but no mobs of their own. for now. 
To get into the world of caves you will need to make a typical frame from coal blocks and light it with a special stick.
WARNING generation can be quite heavy.

the world was created according to my fictional universe, which is based on Slavic mythology with a large share of ad lib.

If you wish, you can find on the Internet the music that I wrote for my world, as well as the one that I use in modifications:
ElliemoreCasp Forbidden souls
ElliemoreCasp Koschei broken musicbox

If you want to support me in any way, you can order a digital art by contacting me here, or on the social page here.

also try my other mod Sweetness Valley

Modification files
Elliemore_FCDX_1122_alpha2024_3.jar - 2024 main version for mc 1.12.2 forgeUploaded on: 03/19/2024 - 16:48   File size: 12.94 MB
Elliemore FairyCDX snapshot 1165 2024_7.jar - latest snapshot version for mc 1.16.5 forgeUploaded on: 03/19/2024 - 16:49   File size: 14.08 MB
Elliemore_EndlessCaves_alpha_2.jar - addon for mc 1.12.2 forgeUploaded on: 03/19/2024 - 16:51   File size: 638.21 KB

judging from the thumbnail this seems well made, some of them are very dark and hardly visible though