Windows's The Quintessence

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Dive into a new world!

The Quintessence is a new dimension that only those with a "good soul" can enter. You can also use this mod to get a free and easy ticket into the nether.(lol the strikethrough didn't apply for some reason)  Explore the beautiful flying islands, green (very green) grass, and generally beautiful environment! But first, you must get a good reputation!


I know I'm not the best writer :)

 - A note -

This mod is still early in development. There are many problems and features to be implemented. Especially the reputation system. However everything that needs to happen upon dying does happen and it works very well.

Implemented Features

  • Teleporting to the correct dimension upon death
  • Reputation command (for quickly changing your reputation)


Incomplete Features

These features are in the mod but not yet complete

  • Portal
  • Quintessence dimension (Not all planned biomes and structures are complete)'


Unimplemented Features

These features are planned and have not been added.

  • Quintessence mobs
  • "Transcend"
  • Many blocks
  • Resurrections
  • Game rules
  • Commands
  • Many more things...

Coming soon to CurseForge!

Moderators are currently reviewing it. Hopefully the latest version of this mod doesn't get insta rejected like 2.19.21.

Modification files
w_quintessence_2.24.21.jar - Update from 2/24/2021(latest)94.4 KB
w_quintessence_2.19.21.a1.3_.jar - Update from 2/19/2021 Alpha 1.372.83 KB

2.24.21 Changelog (Latest): -

New Features

  • New Tree: - Quin Tree (Actually just short for quintessence tree in the files but I decided to keep the name)
  • New Biome: - Quintessence Forest
  • New Block: - Grass Block

Known Issues

  • Trees generating in mid air over the void
  • "Craters" Generating around trees.

Please report issues

2.19.21.a1.3 Changelog: - 

First public version. 

  • All incomplete and implemented features in description

Note: Generated for 1.16.4. Fully compatible with 1.16.5. Other 1.16 versions untested.