Windows's The Quintessence (1st dev-blog now out)

Started by The Windows Ex… on Sat, 03/27/2021 - 02:47

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Windows's The Quintessence (1st dev-blog now out)
Sat, 03/27/2021 - 02:47

Dive into a new world!

The Quintessence is a new dimension that only those with a "good soul" can enter. You can also use this mod to get a free and easy ticket into the nether. Explore the beautiful flying islands, green (very green) grass, and generally beautiful environment! But first, you must get a good reputation!


With this mod you can live a maximum of three lives in the overworld. Those are three lives to choose the kind of person you are! If your reputation is good enough when you die (Doesn't have to be the third time. Just anytime you die.) then you will be sent to the quintessence! Have a bad reputation, and you know where you go... you've been there before... By mod version 1.0, life will be a great quest! Exploring places never before explored by any minecraft player! Discovering the undiscovered, obtaining the greatest armor minecraft has ever seen!
Windows's The Quintessence | MCreator

Dev-blog 1 (3/26/2021) - Survival update (Beta 1.0)

Reputation system is now almost fully functional! Transitioning from a variable system to an NBT system has worked well! But I do need to make it a hybrid system as NBT data isn't stored after death. I know what I need to do to fix the craters made by trees, which I will do soon, they will look possibly a bit different upon spawning for reasons though. Still haven't figured out why they can spawn mid air. Still working that one out. Would show pictures but the MCreator website isn't good for that. Other things I plan on adding real soon include a sapling for the Quin Tree, possibly some ores, more structures, and other things. As far as mobs go I do really need suggestions/ideas. By the end of the development of this update the mod should be completely survival ready, so I have decided I will launch it into beta with this update.  I'm estimating 1 week until release.