Minecraft Mylah Lands Mod

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 Welcome to Mylah Lands

This mod adds some dimensions and lots of quirky tree biomes, some cool buildings and some weird ones. We also have armor, ores, rare and common items, this mod contains achievements! I just hope you have fun with the mod.

Version Alpha
Mod under development.
*If you find a error or bug in the mod, please tell the moderator to fix it as soon as possible!

Versão Alpha
Mod em desenvolvimento.
*Se você encontrar um erro ou bug no mod, informe o moderador para corrigi-lo o mais rápido possível!

Created by JhonikGames
Supported: En-Us / Pt-Br

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

       [ Version 1.0.4 ] - The White Update

  • added White dimension
  • added new biome [it's a surprise]
  • added new things to the White Dimension
  • added new advancements
  • added new plant
  • explore the White Dimension to new ORES!
  • added Red, Blue n' Yellow stone
  • added Wituy Types
  • added RECIPE for Stone Cob

        [ Version 1.0.3 ] - The Blue Update
  • added Craft Stone [don't open]
  • fixed the wrong song of Blaye Plank
  • added new structures
  • added recipe for Portal Key [portal igniter]
  • added Tree House for Blayend Biome
  • biomes now are more live

        [ Version 1.0.2 ] - The Tree Update
  • added Dark Tree Type [spawn in darkness biome]
  • added TCommand [in development]
  • added Blaye Tree Type
  • added Blayend Biome
  • added Storage Block [don't storage items]
  • added White Dimension
  • added new Portal [frame: White Massive Cube]
  • new look of Stone Cob

       [ Version 1.0.1 ] - The Begging Update
  • added Destroyed Biome [Dust Biome]
  • added structures in Dust Biome
  • added Block Type White C.
  • added Greva Tree Type
  • added Naky Tool and Caz material
  • added Portal Frame
  • added Portal Igniter [no recipe]
  • added Recipe for Type White C.


Nice :)
Please can you add some screenshots of your mod? Also a bit more detail in the description would be nice :)