Anomalylands mod

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Anomalylands mod 

add to minecraft  dimension ,creature ,Magic wood/log/stairs achivements and more...

Activate portal by P.A.R.a.D.K

Do not sleep in this dimension ,bed will explode!

THIS mod is in early access and have some bugs ,we working on fix this bugs.


NOTE!:For full version of Anomalylands mod you need download Anomalylands-core mod!

Warning!:Anomalylands-core mod doesnt working without Anomalylands mod.

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Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Anomalylands-REVERSED 1.12.2.jar - This is base mod.9.63 MB
Anomalylands-core 1.12.2.jar - This in addon to Anomalylands base mod.28.59 KB