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Stop -

Stop downloading this mod, seriously. I will not be working on it anymore - please just stop...


0.1.1 Beta now released!

I do not own/claim to own Sword Art Online, this mod is purely based around it and takes ideas and inspiration from it.

Aincraft is a mod that intends to bring some of the main attractions of the anime Sword Art Online to Minecraft. As of now, it features a minimal amount of "Skills" and most of the work that has been done so far (100+ mod elements) is behind the scenes. If you like what you see or if you wish to contribute in any way, please consider joining the official discord for this mod:

NOTE: For now, everything is CREATIVE ONLY. This means that everything here is unobtainable in survival.

Main features:

The main feature of this mod are the "Skills" - tool specific abilities.

To activate skills, press the keybind the item says to press in its description. It doesn't literally mean the keybind "1" or the keybind "4", so make sure to check your controls. By default, the keybinds are: Z1 X2 C3 V4

If you have two skills for the same tool and keybind, both will not work! This is to prevent ability stacking abuse and a bunch of problems (in terms of balancing).



- SP overlay not positioned properly

These are all of the bugs that I'm currently aware about. If you find a bug, please try to report it in the discord server (link is above). If you can't/don't want to, please comment as much detail about the bug that you can (if you're not a native English speaker, either use google translate or I'll use it myself). If it's a crash report, DO NOT SEND IT HERE. It clutters the comments and things can get messy really quickly.


Future plans:

  • More skillsI'm planning to add more skills for every tool!
  • Adding custom modeled weapons and armor: A tough project, but possible. I'm thinking of adding a bunch of custom modeled tools and armor in order to increase the immersion in-game. It also allows me to add custom powerful mobs if I want (since the custom weapons & armors will be way more powerful than the vanilla ones) and adds uniqueness. 
  • Creating obtainability for the skills and items: This too, will be difficult. The reason I haven't worked on it at all for now is because I don't just want to add a simple progression system of crafting, grinding or mining. In my opinion, those types of progression get annoying and boring easily, and I don't want my mod to be like that. I'm constantly thinking of ideas, and I also am waiting for a small community to help me out with these kind of things. That's why I'm slightly desperate for people to join the discord, as it can be one of the most helpful things for the mod. You, the community, are the ones that give feedback, ideas, and help out more than I could comprehend. 
  • Sounds from the anime: Currently, I can't find a good source of sounds from the anime to use in the mod for skills. If you do know one, please join the discord or comment it down below.
  • Biomes and foliage
  • (Custom XP system?)


Logo made by:

Modification files
aincraft 0.1.1-1.16.5.jar - minor update to 1.16.5Uploaded on: 06/03/2021 - 20:37   File size: 1.5 MB
aincraft 0.1.0-1.15.2.jar - First beta release!Uploaded on: 12/20/2020 - 20:23   File size: 471.74 KB
aincraft 0.0.6-1.15.2.jar - small bugfix updateUploaded on: 12/17/2020 - 14:10   File size: 308.26 KB
aincraft 0.0.5-1.15.2.jar - bugfix updateUploaded on: 12/16/2020 - 19:47   File size: 285.8 KB

Version 0.1.1:

  • Increased Axe Skill cooldowns to be more balanced
  • Fixed Fire Slash lighting items on fire
  • Fixed "Tunnel" Shovel Skill to mine sand
  • Updated to 1.16.5
  • Removed foliage generation due to the work in progress behind it
  • Added 3 new structures to the desert


Version 0.1.0:

  • Added 4 new Shovel Skills (Tunnel, Adrenaline, Lift, Deflect)
  • Added 5 new Hoe Skills (Aid, Rejuvenate, Grab, Reap, Restore)
  • Added new Axe Skill (Decapitate)
  • Added 2 new Sword Skills (Pierce, Deflect)
  • Fixed “Smash” Axe Skill stacking
  • Reworked SP system
  • The /sps command now works as intended (/sps <@p/@a> <number>)
  • “Stun” Sword Skill no can no longer be used on multiple opponents, and now deactivates once used on a single target
  • Multiple skills were fixed to only work if the player is holding the appropriate tool
  • Added “Weeds” and “Tall Weeds”

Version 0.0.6:
  • Fixed a bug with "Rumble" that would kill you instantly if you were attacked during its usage
  • Adjusted "Stun" and "Tunnel" to work differently
  • Added a command that doesn't work (/sps <@p/@a> <number>). After the SP system revamp, it will function as intended.
  • Stun no longer disables skill usage (it was also bugged and didn't function correctly). Instead, it disables SP regeneration.

Version 0.0.5:
  • Added localization for the mod keybind section in Controls
  • Re-squashed some bugs 
  • Increased the amount of times per tick "Stun" moves the entity facing direction down, but it still has a visual glitch
  • Changed the "Smash" texture (AGAIN. Still sucks)

Version 0.0.4:
  • Renamed the mod from "Aincrad" to "Aincraft" to avoid possible copyright issues
  • Fixed "Rumble" Axe Skill Bug

Version 0.0.3:
  • Adjusted particles
  • Adjusted skill particles
  • Added 2 new Sword Skills (Stun, Overdrive)
  • Added 3 new Pickaxe Skills (Adrenaline, Tunnel, Rumble)
  • Added new Axe Skill (Rush)
  • Added new “Stun” potion effect
  • Fixed Axe Vortex and Fury Dash damage to not penetrate armor
  • Fixed “Smash” Axe Skill name
  • Fixed “Heavy Hit” stacking
  • Removed “Skills” creative tab
  • Added “Sword Skills”, “Axe Skills” and “Pickaxe Skills” creative tabs
  • Changed the changelog to display the most recent changes first
  • Updated “Smash” Axe Skill texture (Again. It's still terrible though)
  • Adjusted "Fury Dash" to work as intended


Version 0.0.2:
  • Fixed Smash Axe Skill bugs - it now works as intended (from what I've tested)
  • Added 2 new Axe Skills (Vortex, Heavy Hit)
  • Increased SP regeneration from 0.1 per tick(2 per second to 0.2 per tick(4 per second)
  • Updated the description of Smash and Fury Dash slightly
  • Renamed Fury Dash to itself, as I forgot to rename it from Quickslice to Fury Dash in the first iteration
  • Updated the texture of Smash slightly
  • Changed the particle effects of Fire Slash and Smash
  • Added death message for some skills, as they previously used attack type of "generic" which wouldn't give the proper death message
  • Rearranged "Skills" creative tab


Version 0.0.1:
  • Added 3 Sword Skills (Fury Dash, Fire Slash and Block)
  • Added 2 Axe Skills (Leap, Smash)
  • Added simple skill creating system (in MCreator - this isn't an in-game feature or anything)
  • Added 15 particles (5 colors, 3 different types)
  • Added SP system and overlay

Thank you! A new update is coming out today hopefully, since I've fixed a bunch of things and added a couple of stuff

I'm either blind or just stupid. I can't seem to find the Discord invite link.