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Roblox Mod 1.20

Content Of the mini update

New Items

-Stationary Egg of Boring (armor)

-Stationary Egg of Boring (block)

-Blinking Egg of Relocation (armor)

-Blinking Egg of Relocation (block)

-Bombastic Egg of Annihilation (armor)

-Bombastic Egg of Annihilation (block)

-Bouncing Egg of Boing Boing (armor)

-Bouncing Egg of Boing Boing (block)

-Cracked Egg of Pwnage(armor)

-Cracked Egg of Pwnage (block)

-Golden Egg of Kings (armor)

-Golden Egg of Kings(block)

-Invisible Egg of Shadow (armor)

-Invisible Egg of Shadow(block)

-Kind Egg of Sharing (armor)

-Kind Egg of Sharing (block)

-Puzzling Egg of Enigma (armor)

-Puzzling Egg of Enigma (block)

-Wanwood Egg of ZOMG! (armor)

-Wanwood Egg of ZOMG!(block)

-Legendary Egg of Gygax (armor)

-Legendary Egg of Gygax (block)

-crown (armor)

-bunny ears (armor)

-Mr.Egg (Mob)

-EggMan (Mob)

Add items from roblox on your minecraft



-Noob With SlingShot

-Noob With Bomb


-Guest With SlingShot

-Guest With Bomb

-Bacon Hair

-Girl Bacon Hair

-Jhond Doe

-Guest 666



-The C0mmunity


-The Creator (My Roblox Avatar)

-Oder (Idea from BigboyPadilla9)

-NoGuest (A mini boss)


-Happy Face

-Noob Essence

-Guest Essence

-Bloxy Cola


-Tom's Beans


-Golden Trophy

-Jhond Doe Knife

-Jhond Doe knife with blood

-Rege potion (give strengh)

-Bloddy Face




-Noob Sword,PickAxe,Axe,Shovel,Hoe,SlingShot

-Guest Sword,PickAxe,Axe,Shovel,Hoe,SlingShotGuest

-Fusion Sword.PickAxe,Axe,Shovel,Hoe

-Rocket Launcher (Use Bomb Block) !Has a Texture 3d¡

-BuilderMan Hammer


-Noob Armor

-Guest Armor

-DIY The C0mmunity

-BuilderMan Helmet


-Noob Block

-Guest Block

-Bomb Block (explode)


-Noob Biome

-Guest Biome

-Fusion Biome


-Noob House (Spawn on Noob Biome)

-Noob Village (Spawn on Noob Biome)

-Guest House (Spawn on Guest Biome

-Guest Village (Spawn on Guest Biome)

postscript:Before I started to elaborate the Mod I did not know what it would be like so I put dont_install sorry
Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Roblox 1.20 EggUpdate.jar - #2 Update on the mod576.84 KB

Hi A question ¿What should I add to the mod?
1-More Blocks
2-More Items
3-New Weapons
4-New Structures
5-New Mobs
6-A Dimension
7-Items for game of roblox
8-More Food
9-More Biome
10-Other ''Comment''

Hello, how long do I plan to add roblox players to the bone model that will pass nicks of users who want me to put in the mod