Iron Man Mod By Pawelek [BETA]

Submitted by pawelek on Tue, 07/02/2019 - 14:13
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This Is a mod made by Pawelek using MCreator . Sprint=Flight Sneak=Bullet The iron Man Suits Are Imune to Fire Check it out

                                                                                                      Things Added

Iron Man Armor

                                                                                                       Future Plans

Comming Soon



Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

1.0.0 I added Iron Man Armor And Abilteies

Modification download files

Nice mod :D
Rather than a /party command could you add an item? Usually cheats are not used in survival mode

Today i will Add to this page a new version of Iron Man Mod i removed the commands and removed the bullet function in iron man suits{Now Its A SelfdestructFunction and i added mobs Tony Stark And 3 Iron Man Suits