JoJo Mod (GER, 20th CBoy, C-Moon update)

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NOTE: DOWNLOAD THE FILE FROM THE LINK, NOT FROM THE FILE SECTION. YOULL GET THE FIRST VERSION OF THE MOD THAT HAS LIKE 5 STANDS. also if it tells you you can’t download because of a song on it go out and go back in a couple of times

Also if you want me to make a mod from a different anime put in comments ill see what I do...


In JoJo, there's these things called stands. Stands will be found in the Racketiering dimension, or in the Overworld. In order to get stands, you have to kill the stands you find or build an Arrow, which can be made with the virus dust ore. So when you see Hierophant Green, you have to kill it to be able to summon it, unless you get it with the loot table. Some stands are bound to items, like Anubis as a sword, and Emperor and Six Bullets as guns. Once again the stand arrow if you build it gives you a random stand you can use to play the game.

Each stand has its own abilities, like Magicians Red with fire, Golden Experience creating life, or The World with stopping time. So far, this mod has 26 operable stands. Most of them are fine and operate well, while others can be a little buggy, like Killer Queen with Sheer Heart Attack. A list of stands and their abilities are shown below. 

-Star Platnium- Star Finger, stopping time is bugged out a lot i gotta fix

-The World- stopping time and throwing knives

-Hierophant Green- Shooting emeralds

-Killer Queen- Spawning TNT when hurt, and on right click releasing Sheer Heart Attack

-Golden Experience- spawning a tree in front of him when he gets hurt

-Anubis- buffed speed, strength, regeneration, and jump (plus a sword)

-Six Bullets (Don't forget your ammo!)

-Emperor (doesn't need ammo; overall better)

-Limp Bizkit- Spawn 20 zombies when shot

-Reverb Act 2- Earrape when hurt

-Reverb Act 3- Bugged a bit on weight adding thing

-Magicians Red- Fire 

-Hermit Purple- Teleporting like an ender pearl

-D'arbys Stand- sends person to d'arby dimension (or to come back from any other dimension; hit yourself with the bullet to go there/back yourself)

-Moody Blues- No ability, still figuring out how to even do it’s ability

-Pearl Jam- Mega buff for pretty much everything

-Chile Pepper- Lightning (imo best stand in the game)

-Lovers- Slow poison 

-Dark Blue Moon- Water entity and some decent strength

-Sun- makes it day and turns off daylight cycle.

-Death Thirteen- If it's night it's instant kill or much damage, during day not sure what exactly happens.

-D4C- Bugged out at the moment next update I'll fix

-GER- Giving the closest player infinite health but infinite weakness. i cant return things to zero but ig i can make them not change at all?

-CMoon- Levitation to every entity except the stand and the user. Really funny to use

-20th Century Boy- Infinite Defense but you can't move. At all

-Ticket to Ride- Luck x20 (probably will make it even more OP next update)


Other updates: hamon actually works on vampires well now, vampires on F9 can shoot the space ripper stingy eyes (the anime said it not me), added spin (not sure how well it works), wrecking balls from part 7, added knives (so you can be super toxic while time is stopped), got rid of Steve Stand (it was so muda i just couldnt)

Next Update will be:

- Hamon GUI so you can get different versions of Hamon

- Vampire GUI

- Maybe a Spin GUI

- Ripple Hair Attack

- Bubble Launcher

- Bubble Barrier

- Bubble Cutter

- Bubble Lenses 

- Flame Overdrive

- Turquoise Blue Overdrive

- Metal Silver Overdrive

- Sticky Fingers (though I’m still working on bugs)

- King Crimson (you guys will love this) 

- Stands are tamed on spawn, so that means stands actually defend you and will attack what you hit, though I still don’t know how to do range.

- Silver Chariot

- Purple Haze

- Clash (though I’m still working on bugs)

- The World Over Heaven (already done, gives you time stop infinitely and creative, though I am still working on bugs)

- Cream Starter (Sucks for now since it gives you the effects but once I fix it it’ll be great

I have in development:

- Made In Heaven

- Whitesnake

- Tusk Act 1-4 

- I have so far made 4 different version of Hamon for the next update, and I think 5 to go. Oh this will be fun having hamon

- Vampire buffs and powers (like freezing, sucking blood might be a thing guys B)))), and maybe an Easter egg for Enrico Pucci since Dio's gay for him? idk)

- Six Bullets having heat seeking so it’s NOT terrible 

- binding abilities to a key, so the right click could be for something else or just despawning the stand

Stands I’m considering developing:

- Aerosmith/ Lil Bomber depending on what you call it

- Hanged Man (idk how I’d do it but it’d be interesting to add it)

- Soft and Wet

- Stone Free (I just need to figure out how to do the string pls put in comments your ideas)

- Chocolate Disco (that’ll take some time I hope everyone knows)

- Beatboxer (not a stand from jojo just something that if I had a stand this is what it would be, so maybe it could be a default stand?) I’m gonna combine this kids mod with mine and give him credit, his names NikG I believe and the fruit/rock human is from him, not me. If he tells me to take this out of my mod I guess I’ll have to but I doubt he will, but I’m not a jerk so the credit for that goes to him. Everything else is my work tho B)


You can do stand fights with your friends by each attacking the others stand they summon. Will find a better way to do this at some point, but if you guys have ideas then tell me in comments. This a genuinely fun mod that adds a lot to the game.


Download this mod, share it to your friends, and upvote. Because this is the best JoJo mod out there.

Extras: Hamon, the Mask, the ultimate mask, wrecking balls, spin, Red Stone of Aja set, D'Arbys dimension, Racketiering dimension, Space Dimension, Coffee gum, Pizza, Kakyoin's block, bruh block, Ink pasta, the Ultimate Being Mask, Antimatter P and N sets, Emerald, Coal, and Lapis sets, Antimatter Gernade Launcher, Antimatter Dimension, an Oasis in the Nether, wrecking balls, and a star block.

This is the zip file:

Please leave a comment because I don’t have much feedback on this mod and want to make it the best.

There's a planetminecraft forum for this mod (sorry discords blocked for me) so if you have questions put them in this forum:

Give me your feedback in the comments!


Modification files - go back to the link did you not readUploaded on: 04/21/2020 - 17:22   File size: 18.96 MB

Other updates: hamon actually works on vampires well now, vampires on F9 can shoot the space ripper stingy eyes (the anime said it not me), added spin (not sure how well it works), wrecking balls from part 7, added knives (so you can be super toxic while time is stopped), got rid of Steve Stand (it was so useless i just couldnt)

Im working on killer queen, Silver chariot, Iggys stand (forgot the name), Iggy as a mob, Golden Experience (it's not too hard), that Zipper stand, and Narancias stand (That's gonna take a while). I'll update the mod right after i finish these stands.

If you have any ideas, please post them here. I'll read them and depending on the idea I'll put them in.

Well, considering I haven't got a single comment in 2 weeks, I'm gonna take a long shot and say people like my mod?

All right guys, I fixed The Worlds time stop. It’s official- it’s not lag. I am making C Moon, Crazy Diamond, and I’m going to make GER soon. Not sure how I’ll do it, but maybe the person you use it on can’t take or give damage for ten minutes. That might be toxic though so tell me what you guys think would be more reasonable. I’m going to release the stable release in maybe two weeks, but don’t keep that word for me since it might be closer or later depending on how much more I come up with.