JoJo Beta Mod (21 stands so far :D)

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Many mods don't address some serious problems in Minecraft, like new kinds of armor and guns and such. However, this mod not only adds things to Minecraft, it completely changes your experience. 

In JoJo, there's these things called stands. Stands will be found in the Racketiering dimension, or in the Overworld. In order to get stands, you have to kill the stands you find. So when you see Hierophant Green, you have to kill it to be able to summon it. Some stands are bound to items, like Anubis as a sword, and Emperor and Six Bullets as guns. So far, there is no way to get them in survival without cheats, but I'm thinking of a way to add them. 

Each stand has its own abilities, like Magicians Red with fire, Golden Experience creating life, or The World with stopping time. So far, this mod has 22 operable stands. Most of them are fine and operate well, while others can be a little buggy, like Killer Queen. A list of stands and their abilities are shown below. 

-Star Platnium- No ability in particular

-The World- stopping time

-Hierophant Green- Shooting emeralds

-Killer Queen- Spawning TNT when hurt

-Golden Experience- spawning a tree in front of him when he gets heart

-Anubis- buffed speed, strength, regeneration, and jump

-Six Bullets


-Limp Bizkit- Spawn 20 zombies when shot

-Reverb Act 2- Earrape when hurt

-Reverb Act 3- 

-Magicians Red- Fire

-Hermit Purple- Teleporting like an ender pearl

-D'arbys Stand- sends you to d'arby dimension

-Moody Blues- No ability

-Pearl Jam- Mega buff for pretty much everything

-Steve Stand- Shooting tnt blocks (they dont explode but im working on it)

-Chile Pepper- LIghtning

-Lovers- Slow poison

-Dark Blue Moon- Water entity

-Sun- makes it day and turns off daylight cycle.

-Death Thirteen

You can do stand fights with your friends by each attacking the others stand they summon. This a genuinely fun mod that adds a lot to the game

The World intentionally causes lag to imitate stopping time, but i'm going to severly decrease the lag next update.

Download this mod, share it to your friends, and upvote. Because this is the best JoJo mod out there.

Extras: Hamon, the Mask, Red Stone of Aja set, D'Arbys dimension, Racketiering dimension, Space Dimension, Coffee gum, Pizza, Kakyoin's block, bruh block, Ink pasta, the Ultimate Being Mask, Antimatter P and N sets, Emerald, Coal, and Lapis sets, Antimatter Gernade Launcher, Antimatter Dimension, an Oasis in the Nether, and a star block.

This is the zip file:…

This is the jar file:

There's a planetminecraft forum for this mod (sorry discords blocked for me) so if you have questions put them in this forum:

Give me your feedback in the comments!


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Im working on killer queen, Silver chariot, Iggys stand (forgot the name), Iggy as a mob, Golden Experience (it's not too hard), that Zipper stand, and Narancias stand (That's gonna take a while). I'll update the mod right after i finish these stands.

If you have any ideas, please post them here. I'll read them and depending on the idea I'll put them in.

Well, considering I haven't got a single comment in 2 weeks, I'm gonna take a long shot and say people like my mod?