Billie Bust Up Mod

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A mod that adds the characters from Billie Bust Up along with some items. You can spawn in a lot of the characters and obtain some items like Fanto's Cloak, The Gem of Reality, Billie's Sword, and more. I might update the mod but for now it will stay like this. Contents are Entities and items. Entities: Billie, Oscar, Aristotle, Barnaby, Fantoccio, Arthur, Dutch, Elaine, and Conjured Hands. Items: Billie's Sword, Fanto's Cloak, Gem of Reality, and Grenade. The grenade turns any block it touches to lava. Note: Contents are only available in Creative Mode. 

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Billie.jar - Billie Bust UpUploaded on: 11/03/2023 - 22:39   File size: 115.16 KB

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