Gemtopia Mod

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Gemtopia is a mod heavily based off of the ended series Steven Universe :(.  It will be adding some gems from the tv series, games, and some gemsonas.  The mod will not be following the original series but my version, which is a perfect utopia of gem civilizations.  So far, the mod is in a beta version because it is impossible to get the gems without creative mode or commands.

Project members
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

Beta 1.0

Added Gems-

  • White Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Yellow Diamond
  • Aquamarine (Cheek)
  • Aubergine Pearl (Forehead)
  • Blue Pearl (Chest)
  • Blue Sapphire (Hand)
  • Blue Zircon (Chest)
  • Dark Green Jade (Cheek)
  • Dark Green Peridot (Chest)
  • Emerald (Eye)
  • Green Jade (Chest)
  • Holly Blue Agate (Head)
  • Jasper (Nose)
  • Light Green Jade (Cheek)
  • Light Green Jade (Nose)
  • Light Green Peridot (Chest)
  • Light Yellow Peridot (Arm)
  • Lonely Pearl Chest
  • Olive Jade (Chest)
  • Olive Jade (Eye)
  • Padparacha (Hand)
  • Peridot (Forehead)
  • Pink Pearl (Navel)
  • Pink Pearl (Navel) (Controlled)
  • Ruby (Palm)
  • Squaridot (Chest)
  • Squaridot (Eye)
  • Topaz (Left Ear)
  • Topaz (Right Ear)
  • Yellow Pearl (Chest)
  • Yellow Peridot (Arm)
  • Yellow Zircon (Chest)


  • Era 1 block
  • Era 2 block
  • Gem Destabilizer