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Gemtopia is a mod heavily based off of the ended series Steven Universe :(.  It will be adding some gems from the tv series, games, and some gemsonas.  The mod will not be following the original series but my version, which is a perfect utopia of gem civilizations.  So far, the mod is in a beta version because it is impossible to get the gems without creative mode or commands.

Modification files
Gemtopia Beta 1.0.jarUploaded on: 04/06/2020 - 00:44   File size: 759.37 KB

Beta 1.0

Added Gems-

  • White Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Yellow Diamond
  • Aquamarine (Cheek)
  • Aubergine Pearl (Forehead)
  • Blue Pearl (Chest)
  • Blue Sapphire (Hand)
  • Blue Zircon (Chest)
  • Dark Green Jade (Cheek)
  • Dark Green Peridot (Chest)
  • Emerald (Eye)
  • Green Jade (Chest)
  • Holly Blue Agate (Head)
  • Jasper (Nose)
  • Light Green Jade (Cheek)
  • Light Green Jade (Nose)
  • Light Green Peridot (Chest)
  • Light Yellow Peridot (Arm)
  • Lonely Pearl Chest
  • Olive Jade (Chest)
  • Olive Jade (Eye)
  • Padparacha (Hand)
  • Peridot (Forehead)
  • Pink Pearl (Navel)
  • Pink Pearl (Navel) (Controlled)
  • Ruby (Palm)
  • Squaridot (Chest)
  • Squaridot (Eye)
  • Topaz (Left Ear)
  • Topaz (Right Ear)
  • Yellow Pearl (Chest)
  • Yellow Peridot (Arm)
  • Yellow Zircon (Chest)


  • Era 1 block
  • Era 2 block
  • Gem Destabilizer