Modern and Somewhat Crazy Weapons

Published by BJM on Tue, 05/07/2019 - 19:05
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Mods for Minecraft are fun. Some big, some small, some just change texture and some (like this one) add-



The Modern and Crazy Weapons mod adds memorable and fun weapons like the Weird TNT, (and the launcher for it) and the devastating Atomic TNT! Have fun with an automatic TNT Launcher and a precise military sniper rifle, or be a maniac and completely destroy your friend's bunker from a safe distance with the Atomic TNT Launcher! The possibilities are endless, unless you're in hardcore. Then you're probably dead meat. But otherwise, make a routine of blowing yourself up and then respawning all the time! You might want to (or need to) set Keep Inventory to true in any world you create with this mod running...

Credit to MCreator for a quick, easy (sometimes frustrating) and fun way to create a mod of the most dangerous Minecraft weapons of all time!

Info: Created with MCreator, tested with MCreator, and created by MCreator website user BJM

Version: 1.0.0 (first released version)

If you make a mod based off this one, please give me partial credit for creating the original version.

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