Caves And Cliffs Mod

Published by LIUKRAST on Sun, 04/04/2021 - 00:46
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( Same page as my curseforge page ) the file is too big so you can download it here:

This mod brings 1.17 features in a forge 1.16x mod! Remember to check out our discord :)

- Cave generation changed
- Cave biomes:
> Lush Caves
  these caves contains a lot of vegetation, plants and more! And those cuties axolotls :D

> Dripstone Caves
  Dripstones are very dangerous! Be carefull ;)

> Deep Dark
  Made out of the darkest stone all around, deep dark caves are very scary and quiet biomes. But be carefull... warden is always listening to you....

Modification files
dummy.jar - THIS IS NOT THE FILE! THE FILE IS TOO BIG AND CAN BE FOUND IN DESCRIPTION!Uploaded on: 04/04/2021 - 00:51   File size: 22 bytes

Nice mod change the background image to another colour than white

Well, this is not too original, but you have great description and all over it looks nice.

How did you change the cave generation? You cant do that in mcreator right?

This + Caves of Cobalt = Breathtaking underground revamp.
Huge respect for the custom generation. You captured the feel of 1.17 very well!