Ancient's Awakening

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A land of great beauty, items as strong as bedrock, and bosses are just the remains of the land of the ancients.

Your mission is to recover the relics lost, defeat the guardians, and restore the pride of the ancients


Talos: the great automation that Perseus defeated, or so history thought. he actually fled

Krampus: the Christmas nightmare that comes around when santa is not looking

Adrian: vampire lord or not, he is not a friendly guy

What It Adds

-24 new items

-8 new relics

-3 new bosses

-1 new biome (no image yet, coming next update)

In Future Updates

-more new biomes


-more relics

-more bosses

-more items

Please note that I did retexture from electroblob's wizardry, rats, reliquary, and the midnight


Fixed the modified textures and hate to say it but the mods cancelled


Looks good but you can't take textures from other mods, even if you change them :(