Leo's Backrooms Alpha

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GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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Leo's Backrooms an simple backrooms made by Leo...


As of what i know this is the only backrooms mod with 64 by 64 Textures.


for some blocks.




The mod is on curseforge now!



Also theres an official wiki thats kinda bad..



 just an reminder if you like the mod you don't need to upvote but i still like feedback



The mod at V?.?? needs Undertale Foods By Marshmello7119 to operate. So this acts an an warning, when V?.?? comes out.

(The creater of UnderFood needs to update it to 1.19.4 as right now it doesnt work)


The link to it https://mcreator.net/modification/96719/undertale-foods




 I know that there are allot of bugs that im aware of like stripping not showing animation and crops not growing Level 0 arrowed wallpaper and the red version being weird


Mod showcase from my friend https://youtu.be/m22J3ajdjIQ

Official Discord Server!



When you accidentally delete the iconic wallpaper block when you where trying to duplicate it :D.





Create Plastics to make Machines

Refiner to make plastic


Recipe for the Striped wallpaper in level 0

Level 0 wallpaper Striped


Recipe for the wallpaper in level 0

Recipe for the normal wlalpaper for level 0











Q:when will level Fun Have level generation?

A:Prob in V0.13 but as right now idk


Q:How many levels do you want to add

A:It depends on allot of factors but im thinking i wanna do at least the base 9 levels so level 0 - 9


Q:How can i suggest stuff?

A:At the moment there's no real way of doing it but i will fix that at one point. But for now use the reply section


Q:Will you make an fabric version?

A:No because i did forge so that its compatible with most good shader mods like optifine


Q:How accurate is it to the backrooms?

A:I don't know what to say really but i would say level 0 is pretty accurate from what i heard form my friends


Q:Will there be custom sounds/music?

A:Well i have talked to my friend (who knows an decent amount of music/ambiance creation) and were right now looking into it but i cant guarantee it


Q:Is the mod scary?

A:What do you think >:)


Q:Will the mod be server compatible?

A:Im not sure if its possible but i can try.


Q:Can i make Extra Addition Mods for this mod?

  1. A:You can if you want but i don't recommend it in this early state of the mod, as i am not sure what to add everytime so if you maybe make an level like level -0 for example then maybe in the future i make an level called level -0. My point is that if you make an additions mod there's an chance that it becomes useless in the next update.


Q:Can i add this to my modpack?

A:you can add it to an modpack, do you have to give credit ofc.


Q:Will the mod get texture updates?

A:Yes every now on and then i will do an texture overhaul.


Recommended mods

Just Enough Items (JEI)


Shaders BSL worked good with me but others do aswell


Important Stuff


I don't like being famous in any way or form so i will need time and thinking.


be patient as i have no coding understanding/no real texturing, and with this i mean versions will take time.


Interesting stuff


Thx for 200 downloads its pretty poggers and yes because of this the transition to better textures and be more custom and original is gonna take place as this mod is way bigger than expected.


Thank you for 500 Downloads pretty cool ngl and generation is right now good but the loot tables for the chests don't work still so i prob will leave those out for an bit.

And oh boy have we come far after one month and 8 days we gotten 860 downloads :D

but in serious note thank you all for this and well.

Maybe i can make generation even better than it already is!

What i want to add


  1. Level 0 Generation

  2. 64 by 64 Textures for Level 0

  3. Entity Spawning Procedures

  4. Level You Cheated! (if its possible)

  5. No glitches in Generation

  6. Custom Title Screen

  7. Level ! (if its possible)

  8. Base 0 - 9 Levels

  9. Level 10 and 11 (if its possible)

  10. Not so many tabs

  11. Make an Custom working and fuctional YT for the trailer/mod

  12. 1K downloads Update (Maybe)

  13. Actual Survival Compatibility 

  14. A good mod Description (if mods see this please tell me how to make an good description as im new to this)

  15. Actual Form/Wiki

Modification files
Leo's+Backrooms+Alpha+V0.12.jar - yea its kinda bigger.Uploaded on: 09/17/2023 - 09:13   File size: 3.64 MB
Leo's+Backrooms+Alpha+V0.111.jar - Emegnacy Bug Fix.Uploaded on: 09/12/2023 - 18:46   File size: 3.35 MB
Leo's+Backrooms+Alpha+V0.1.jar - Level 0 generation Finally! :DUploaded on: 09/10/2023 - 10:58   File size: 3.28 MB
Archive.zip - Archive of every version!Uploaded on: 09/30/2023 - 18:31   File size: 9.49 MB

Released Leo's Backrooms V0.12 Alpha

Added level 1 generation

Added level 2 with generation

Added level 3 with generation

Added level 37 with broken generation (sadly)


Added an hammer

you can use the hammer in an crafting table to make spiked wood!


Memorial for an building my friend made in my mod once.


Released Leo's Backrooms V0.111 Alpha

Emergency bug fix


Released Leo's Backrooms V0.11 Alpha

Added 16 Structures


New Level 0 Biome's

Dark Area

Dotted Wallpaper Pillar Area

Striped Wallpaper Pillar Area

Arrowed Wallpaper Pillar Area


New Textures

Updated Striped wallpaper texture

Updated Dotted wallpaper texture



Fixed Block Spawning out of nowhere


Released Leo's Backrooms V0.1 Alpha

Added working generation for level 0


Released Leo's Backrooms V0.07 Early Alpha

Added Level 1

Added Level 94

Added Level Fun

Added crate's

Added "working" generation for level 94


Released Leo's Backrooms V0.066 Early Alpha

Changed the textures of

Level 0 wallpaper block

Level 0 wallpaper block Red

Level 0 wallpaper block slab

Level 0 wallpaper block Red slab


Released Leo's Backrooms V0.065 Early Alpha

Added Orange Wallpaper slab

Added Yellow Wallpaper slab

Added Green Wallpaper slab

Added Blue Wallpaper slab

Added Purple Wallpaper slab

Added Pink Wallpaper slab


Released Leo's Backrooms V0.06 Early Alpha

Added Orange Wallpaper block

Added Yellow Wallpaper block

Added Green Wallpaper block

Added Blue Wallpaper block

Added Purple Wallpaper block

Added Pink Wallpaper block


Released Leo's Backrooms V0.1 Test Ver 2 Alpha

Added new machine

Added new ore

Added an new structure


Released Leo's Backrooms V0.1 Test Ver 1 Alpha

Added the smiler prototype entity.

Made the texture of the computer an bit different


Released Leo's Backrooms V0.05 Early Alpha

added plastic ore

added plastic ingots

added plastic block

added plastic armor

added plastic tools

added an computer

added corrupted books

added glitched books

added microchip

added glitched microchip

better texture for striped wallpaper

better texture for striped wallpaper slabs


Released Leo's Backrooms V0.03 Early Alpha

added recipes to slabs

added striped wallpaper

added red ceiling



Released Leo's Backrooms V0.025 Early Alpha

this add slab that shoulda had already been present from the start



Released Leo's Backrooms V0.02 Early Alpha


this is aiming to show some of the progress/items im working on.



Released Leo's Backrooms V0.01 Early Alpha..


this is to get feedback and maybe some help...

just an reminder if you like the mod you don't need to upvote but i still like feedback

Its really cool for just your first mod its amazing and fun I can't wait for the next update!

Now this is an serious question. should i put my mod on curseforge?

the mod is really cool, but the textures are kinda lacking in my opinion. I swear I've seen the same texture in 5 different mods

yea i have noticed this same isue and i am looking at how i can maybe make it an little less copy looking but that will be prob take an few tries of texturing and right now generation is an absolute pain so im not in the mood right now to fix em but maybe when i have some time over than just generation i can maybe try and make them custom

yea i have noticed this same isue and i am looking at how i can maybe make it an little less copy looking but that will be prob take an few tries of texturing and right now generation is an absolute pain so im not in the mood right now to fix em but maybe when i have some time over than just generation i can maybe try and make them custom and i think its also an good transition to 32 by 32 bit textures