Undertale Foods

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You are allowed to use this mod in any video, any stream, or do basically anything (except redistribute) with my modification, as long as I have been credited somewhere, be it in the description or the credits of a map/mod as long as it's not nearly unfindable, unseeable, or hidden.


Yep, you heard that right! This mod adds all of the edible items from Undertale that have not been removed or cut. This took me a long time and I spent quite a few days on this project and hope that you like it! As you can see, I tried my hardest to keep it vanilla-friendly and used vanilla crafting recipes. Have fun!


(PS: I also added a bottle of resin and glue to craft the Glamburger, but that's the only one using custom items in the crafting recipe)


- Marshmello7119

Modification files
underfood.jar - For version 1.19.x, but beware, as it could be fabric. (I'm only human, after all)Uploaded on: 05/04/2023 - 00:11   File size: 117.77 KB
Underfood_1.20.jar - For version 1.20.xUploaded on: 09/16/2023 - 18:55   File size: 65.08 KB

Ver 1.0: Now compatible with 1.19.x, and I'm not going to tell you what I added because I want you to see for yourself :)

Ver 1.1: Now compatible with 1.20.x

Please do not publish my mod on any other platfrom without my permission/consent! Thank you!

Human, no, whatever you are. This mod is so good how on earth did you create this masterpiece lol. (This is coming from a person who lives and breathes that game.)

Of course! As long as I have some credit somewhere, anybody can use or really do anything (except redistributing without permission) with my mod. Thanks for asking! I'm going to update the description, so now, there will be more specifics!