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Published by Gt3655 on Tue, 12/17/2019 - 01:01
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Hello everyone. This is my minecraft mod much better minecraft. Its a recreation of my (very) old mod, much better tools. This mod basically adds a TON of content to the game, and took me a long time to complete as i worked on the entire thing myself. Here are some of the things in my mod.


Diamond apples :Diamond Apple
Diamond Apple

TNT Launcher: Shoots a projectile that explodes with power similar to TNT. Uses TNT for ammo.
TNT Launcher

Reinforced tnt launcher - shoots reinforced tnt, uses that block as it's ammo.

Chainsaw - deals 11 damage, mines wood faster than a diamond axe.

Death machine - Creative only item that shoots bullets that when hit a block explode and strike lightning.

One hit kill sword : creative only item, deals 75,000 damage and shoots a fireball that when hits a block or mob, explodes multiple times and strikes lightning multiple times !

Flamethrower : shoots fire that when it hits a block, it spreads fire. Doesn't require ammo but has limited durability.

Mjolnir : this mystical hammer is expensive, but allows you to fly when in hand in survival, deals 129 damage and strikes lightning on the ground. Please note the texture for it is based on mjolnir from real world mythology, not from any kind of comics.

Uru ingots: expensive and used to craft mjolnir.

Invincibility armor: creative only item that grants you insane potion effects, and if you can somehow get it in survival mode it makes you almost invincible.

.50 pistol: A ranged gun that shoots bullets. It only deals the damage of a bow, but can shoot faster.

.50 bullet: used as ammo for the .50 pistol.

Multi use tool: a useful tool that mines wood, stone and dirt/sand/grass at the speed of it's comparable diamond tools, all in one single tool.

Glass sword: one hit kills most vanilla mobs, but has very weak durability (worse than wood) and plays a glass sound effect.

Water breathing helmet: grants you an insane level of aqua iffinity, allowing for almost infinite water breathing but only protects you as much as an iron helmet.

Fire sword: deals 7.5 damage, better durability than a diamond sword, and when right clicked on a block it spreads fire.

Scythe: powerful weapon that deals 44 damage, has much more durability than a diamond sword, and strikes lightning on the ground when you right click.

Obsidian armor : Full set of armor that requires obsidian to craft, protects you like diamond armor and has 4x the durability of diamond armor.

Obsidian tools: Very similar to diamond tools in mining speed, harvest level and enchantibility but have much more durability.

Bomb: a throwable item that when hits a block, instantly explodes with a slightly bigger explosion than tnt.

Automatic crossbow: deals the same damage as a normal bow, but shoots much faster and is more expensive.

Crossbow bolt: used as ammo for the automatic crossbow.

Ender staff: shoots an ender pearl that teleports you wherever it hits, but doesn't require any ender pearls in your inventory and is very expensive.

Magic nugget: used for various recipes.

Magic ingots: used for various recipes.

Enchanted lightning: used for various recipes.

Dynamite: similar to the bomb, but creates a weaker explosion than normal tnt and is cheaper to craft.

Infinite water bucket: a bucket that places down infinite water, but is very expensive.

Magic diamond nugget: used for various crafting recipes.

Magic diamond: used for various recipes.

Wither sword: shoots a projectile that emulates a wither skeleton skull, gives whatever mob it hits the wither effect, and creates a small explosion.

Diamond nuggets: used for crafting diamonds, dropped by the diamond cow.

Super speed boots: when worn will give you a very high level of speed.

Fried egg: crafted by smelting chicken eggs, and can be eaten.

Bone Sword: Crafted from bones, deals 6 damage but only can be used 90 times


Ice bricks: a decoration block that is also used to get to the dimension of snowlands

Dark cobblestone: darker version of cobblestone that naturally generates and has more durability than normal stone.

Dark stone bricks: Used to get to the dimension of darkness.

Crying obsidian: a block that was removed from vanilla Minecraft that this mod adds back in. Please note this is only a decoration block, and doesn't have the same functionality of the original crying obsidian, but has the same hardness level and resistance of normal obsidian.

Trick blocks: these are various blocks that you can fall through and use to create traps. They come in stone, oak wood planks, dirt, and Stone bricks.

Stone generator: opens an interface and when you click it will give you one stone, but also deal 1 heart of damage to you in survival mode.

Life erasing tnt: when you right click on this block, it creates an explosion much stronger than normal tnt.

Reinforced tnt: when right clicked, creates a slightly stronger explosion than normal tnt.

This mod also adds in various mobs like the dark creeper, the speedster creeper, zombie pig and more.


Dark dimension: a dimension where there is no sun and it's always night time. Hostile mobs always spawn. You can get there by creating a nether like portal, but with dark stone bricks and use the darkness portal igniter to ignite it.

Dimension of floating islands: a dimension where the world generates like the end, the biomes are generated similar to floating islands. Most of the vanilla biomes are included in this dimension. You can get there by creating a portal using stone bricks, and ignite it using the floating islands portal igniter.

Dimension of snowlands: a dimension of unending cold, covered in snow and it's the complete opposite of the nether. Instead of lava lakes, there's frozen oceans and hostile mobs always spawn. To get there, craft a portal out of ice bricks and ignite it using the snowlands igniter.

Nether in the overworld: a custom biome that basically generates the nether in the overworld but isnt very common.


Zombie Pig: spawns not very commonly, doesnt burn in the daylight, has 40 health and spawns in the day too.

diamond cow: passive mob that very rarely spawns but upon death drops diamond nuggets which can be used to craft a diamond.

Reaper: A mini boss with 100 health and he holds the scythe.

Armored Zombie: a normal zombie wearing obsidian armor, due to the armor his defense is very high and he doesnt burn in the daylight.
Dark Creeper

Snow MinionSpeedster Creepers!

-Added the bone sword
-Fixed the ai for the titan, he now spawns a spider, zombie, and zombie pig
-added the angry chicken, he has 20 health and shoots eggs at you

Anyways, thats all i have planned for the mod at this moment due to other projects im working on, but it will be updated in the future. Also, this mod is for minecraft 1.12.2, and doesnt work on the newer 1.14x and 1.15 versions. And unfortunately this mod does not work alongside other dimensional mods like galacticraft due to dimensional id conflicts but i am trying to figure out a solution to this. For recipes, please use not enough items. Thanks for checking out my mod and i hope everyone enjoys it!

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Unfortunately, unless you also add some overpowered monsters that begin to spawn on lategame, balancing overpowered things by making them very expensive doesn't really work for Minecraft :(
Players would have to spend a lot of time to grind to get all the expensive materials and after finally finding them (and getting bored in the quest), rather than being finally rewarded with fun, they get a weapon which actually removes it by completely deleting a part of gameplay - if you have a weapon that can one-shoot anything, what's the point of combat?

(this is just a tip, you don't have to follow it - the hammer might still be great for builders who don't really like the fighting aspect of survival)

I see. I'll try to resume working on the mod soon but just with mainly more mobs, and maybe even a boss that's really hard. But another problem I'm having is getting the mobs to drop custom items because when I don't base their ai on anything, no matter what settings I change they don't attack the player.. and when I base the ai on a zombie for example it only drops rotten flesh and there's nothing in the code i could figure out either. But thanks for the input !

Thanks for the help ! I have an idea for a boss but it's model is supposed to be the iron golems model and for whatever reason mcreator doesn't include it.. is there any way to just get vanilla models that can be used ? I tried searching on Google for models but all it pulled up was spam sites or models that aren't Java...