Dark World Mod

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Dark World Mod

Dark World Mod add a bench of new things like :

- 3 New Dimensions

The Dark World ( first dimension )

The Hell ( Step World )

The Aether ( Final World )

- 18 New biomes

Darkwood plain ( in the Dark World )

Darkwood mountain

Darkwood forest

Lightwood forest

Green Oak Forest

Lightwood fruity forest

Ash lands

Corrupted lands

Demon plain

Dacitus village

Blue desert

Frost lands

Extreme frost lands

Hot biome ( in the Hell )

Neutral Biome

Cold Biome

Sky plains ( in the Aether )

Life mountains

- 11 New ores


Overworld rare ore ( to craft The Atlas and The Excalibur Gem )

Red coal

Basical better coal


Basical better iron


Basical better diamond


Rare basical ore


Rare ore for the Farmer Axe and Iridium Shears


Rare ore ( just tools )


Epic ore ( Spawns only in the blue desert )


Ultra epic ore, to craft The Excalibur Gem ( Spawns only in the corrupted lands )

The Excalibur Gem

Actual Best Ore

The Hell Essence

Ultra rare ore, to craft The Aether Key ( spawns in the Hell )

- 5 New mobs




Skeleton Creeper

Hell Master

- 5 New types of wood


In order to craft tools ( like overworld wood but for the dark world )


In order to craft armor

Corrupted wood

Green Oak

Highland Wood
- 8 New food

Light fruit

Beaccherium fruit

Gum fruit

Endium fruit

Eye of looker

Pink fruit

Sky apple

Life apple


And other things...


Ask and answers :

How can i enter in the dark world dimension ?

- Find a portal in the end dimension or craft it yourself with endstone bricks and a dark portal ignitier.

How do i craft the dark world portal ignitier ?

- Just put 3 strings on the top, one nether star on the center, one eye of ender on the bottom center, and put diamond everywhere you can.

What do i do next ?

- Find a darkwood three, break it and craft an shovel and a pickaxe, then start mining. There isn't a lot of food here so bring a lot of food with you.Try to survive, and let your imagination work.

How to craft the excalibur gem ?

- Put 8 bedrockium and one atlas and here we go.

How to go to the Hell ?

- Find a Hell Master in an Ash biome, kill him and use his Hell key in a Hell Bricks Portal, then the portal will light and just enter.

Modification files
Dark World Mod A3.0.jar - Current Version4.17 MB
Dark World Mod A3.1.jar - Current version4.19 MB

This is just the beginning of this mod, the description will be upgrade, new ores, new bioms, new mobs and so many things are coming.


V3 :

- Iridium shears

- Rhodium ore ( tools, armor and block )

- Musselrock ( Demon type rock )

- Red bedrock ( Corrupted type rock )


V4 :

- Pink Creeper Plant 

- Skeleton Creeper Mob

- Chiseled blocks ( Marble, Dark Rock and Magic Stone )

- A new three


V5 :

- Pink shards

- Textures remastered

- Iridium Nugget

- Frost lands biome ( where pink creeper spawns )

- Mussel Quartz Stuffs


Alpha 1.0 :

- Extreme frost lands biome

- The Atlas

- New rare overworld ore : Cloudiom

- New bedrockium ore

- The Excalibur Gem ( tools and armor )


sAlpha 1.1 :

- Red cobblestone stairs and slab added


sAlpha 1.2  :

- Green oak set

- Green oak Forest ( spawns near the lightwood forest )

- New crafts for the pink fruit


Alpha 1.3 :

- Pink Rock

- The Excalibur Farmer Axe ( Only in creative )

- Dark World Portal Structure spawn reduced by 70%

- The Corrupted Death Sickle


sAlpha 1.4 :

- Frost dirt ( spawns in extreme frost lands biomes )

- Some textures remastered


Alpha 2.0 : ( Not finished )

- Hell Bricks

- Hell Forge

- Hell Rock ( Spawns in Ash Biome )

- Cloudium Katana ( Crafted with the Hell Forge )

- The Hell

- Hell key

- Hot Biome

- Hell Master ( drop the Hell key when die, spawns in the Ash Biome )

- Prismarock

- Prismarine Sword

- Hell Bricks Stairs, Slabs § Walls


Patch Alpha 2.1


Alpha 2.2 :

Hell biomes :

- Neutral Biome

- Cold Biome

- Hell Essence Ore § Hell Essence


Alpha 3.0 :

- The Aether Dimension

- The Aether Key

- Sky Plains Biome

- Sky Bush

- Sky Apple

-Sky Dirt

- Sky Grass

- Sky Rock

- Life Bush

- Life Apple

- Life Mountains

- Life Dirt

- Life Grass

- Highland Wood Stuff

- Sky Flower

- Life Flower


Alpha 3.1 :

- Excalibur Ore

- Blud Rock ( spawns in Life Mountains ) § Polished Blud

- Gloon Rock ( spawns in Sky Plains ) § Polished Gloon