Look Above You (Sky Dimension)

Published by UltroGmr on Sat, 06/25/2022 - 20:36
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Look Above You

This is a mod that adds a sky dimension with new sets of stone and ingots. Please upvote this mod if you enjoy it's content to show that you like this mod and support its development!

It adds new wood, stone, and some ingots, all with custom tools, block sets, and a set of advancements to go with them!

But with all of these features, you may be wondering, how do I get into this dimension? Well, we are just getting to that point!

(This mod is in its beta stage, a fairly early stage of development, so I plan on adding a LOT more to the mod, as you can tell with some of the items that have no use, and I mean a LOT ;))

(This mod is textured 100% by me, with mcreator's templates only being used for some armor textures, not using mcreator's templates in final textures, and only looking at some reference images)

(Also some credit to a friend of mine for helping with some ideas for the mod (e.g. a storm cloud as a boss))

(This mod has not been tested in multiplayer and may have issues)

Castles in the Sky (and entering the dimension)

A transparent image of a castle in the sky from the mod, which appears to be on top of a cloud and made out of marble, a new stone set from the mod. It's suspended in midair.

(There may be lag for a short amount of time when exploring with this mod, that means that a castle in the sky has generated and you should look around!)

Castles in the Sky are an overworld structure of a medium rarity that spawn at y levels 150 and up (near the clouds).

They are fairly empty castles made out of marble, which is a new set of stone from the mod, and are on top of cloud blocks, which are also from the mod. They are also the only thing the mod adds in the overworld, and therefore the only way to get any of the mod's items while in the overworld, or at least a small amount of them.

But what is the purpose of this structure?

Well, it is the only way to get into the sky dimension!

An image of the inside of the castle. A two-block-tall portal is seen in the back, that appears to be a greenish platform on the floor with another greenish platform two blocks above it.

Inside of the castle, you'll see a portal in the back, right at the middle, in between some glowstone. Now, you may be wondering, how do I activate this? Well, first of all, you need a Quartz Star, crafted with this recipe:

A screenshot of the Quartz Star's crafting recipe. Four lapis lazuli are placed in each of the corners of the crafting table, a diamond in the center, and 4 quartz for the rest of the slots in between the lapis.

(Originally, it was planned to have a nether star, but I felt that was too hard to get so I did this instead since I already had made the portal model)

Once you have crafted the quartz star, just right click on the bottom of the portal with it to put in in and activate the portal! (this is irreversible but I have no idea why you would need the quartz star again as it isn't used anywhere else in the mod).

Now, walk in between the two platforms of the portal with the quartz star inserted into it, and you will be taken to the sky dimension!

Chances are, if you aren't very close to spawn, and aren't very far away either (think between 100 and 1000 blocks out), then you will spawn in the void. This is due to natural generation and unfortunately I can't do anything about it, you either have to travel to x: 0, y: 0 or 1000 blocks from that if you want to see some terrain. This is why I recommend finding a portal farther away. However, if you do enter a portal leading to the void, a 3x3 platform will appear!

And either way, you've entered the sky dimension now!

The Sky Dimension

Welcome to the sky, a dimension of eternal daylight, where the sun never goes down... At least, not normally...

When you enter the sky, a platform will always generate where you enter (although it may not be considered a "platform" if you spawn on the ground). The platform will look like this:

A 3x3 platform of the sky dimension's grass, with marble stairs at the edge of it that lead to a portal leading back to the overworld

As you can see, it is made out of the dimension's grass, called cloudsoft grass. There is a dirt variant of it too called cloudsoft soil.

When you find land (or islands, since this dimension has generation similar to the end), you will see that the terrain is made up of the cloudsoft terrain blocks for dirt/grass, and marble for stone. When you mine regular, non-tiled and block form marble, which is what spawns as stone here, you will get cobblemarble, which, like cobblestone, can be crafted into this dimension's variant of stone tools, which are at an iron level, and require stone level materials to mine. Marble can be crafted into vanilla furnaces, useful for smelting some of the dimension's ores.

 A transparent screenshot of the mod's marble, which looks like real marble.

There are also cloudwood trees, which require at least a wooden axe to mine. Cloudwood is the sky dimension's new wood variant, which is at a stone level, perfect for mining marble. Cloudwood can also be crafted into vanilla crafting tables and chests, if you need them.

Cloudwood and marble, as said before, both have tool sets, but do not have armor sets. This is where platinum comes in, the dimension's variant of iron, which is at a diamond level, and spawns in ores inside of marble.

A platinum ingot. It appears to be a very shiny but slightly darker and smoother iron ingot.

When you mine platinum with a sufficiently leveled pickaxe like iron, you get its raw variant, raw platinum. This can be smelted into normal platinum, just like iron, and can be used with both a normal furnace, or, at a much faster speed, a blast furnace if you were smart enough to bring one from the overworld.

Platinum, like iron, can be crafted into an armor set using a crafting table, but, as mentioned before, this armor is diamond-level. If you haven't noticed already, I forgot to mention, everything in this dimension is one tier above overworld level, but I'll still say what tier level everything is to avoid confusion.

A transparent screenshot of platinum armor from the mod, which looks exactly like its ingot variant, but in the shape of armor.

Also, there is the Cloud Compressor, which can turn clouds into water. The crafting recipe is as follows:

The crafting recipe of the Cloud Compressor. It has marble on each of the four corners of the crafting table, platinum ingots on both of the horizontal sides, marble tile blocks on both of the vertical sides, and a cloud block in the middle.

When you right click on the Cloud Compressor, a GUI opens. In this GUI, once you put a cloud and a bucket on the left slots in the cloud compressor and press the Compress button, it turns the cloud into water and puts it into the bucket. It also has an extra material output slot on the right side which is currently unused. The GUI is as follows:

A screenshot of the Cloud Compressor's GUI. The text above already described it for you.

There are also sky villagers, which have the health of a player and attack you back unlike regular villagers. When you kill them or another non-boss entity, you will get Sky Blood.

This can be crafted into Fiery Sky Blood, which will be useful later for getting tools past platinum, using either of the following (shapeless) crafting recipes:



Sky Ore Builder

The Sky Ore Builder, after making it, which I do recommend due to it being super useful later on, will be used to make all (currently added) ores past platinum. It has three slots, two for items, and one for lava, which will be used up when you click the Melt button with the right combination of ores. The (very expensive) recipe is as follows:


Just place it and right click on it to use it!

A recipe you can make currently following all of the steps are red diamonds, which can be made into tools and weapons that both are netherite level and have auto smelt and built in fire aspect, using the following combination (Use exactly the same slots for each item):


You can also use more diamonds or fiery sky blood up to 4 diamonds, just keep the ratio the same (1 diamond every 8 fiery sky blood), for a limit of 4 red diamonds at once, using the following combination (if you're too lazy to do the math yourself):


If you ever want to leave, just go back into the portal on the platform that you started in!

But if you stay forever, a storm will inevitably start...


Storms happen about once every 10 minutes, although it's decided by a random chance.

When a storm starts, you will get a message in chat. It will also start to rain in the sky dimension, and it will be nighttime instead of the sky dimension's usual eternal daytime. But what's so special about storms, other than these cool effects?

Well, you will need to brave the dangers of a storm to get the most powerful armor in this mod! But what dangers am I talking about?

A transparent screenshot of a watcher, an entity that is shaped like a security camera, has an eye, and has wings.

Watchers (not to be confused with The Watcher, a sword that the mod adds that is currently only accessible through the creative inventory and has no use) are commonly spawning entities that are only found during storms. They aren't that powerful if you already got a full platinum armor set (even better if you already managed to get red diamond tools and armor), but if you wander into a storm unprepared and without armor, they will deal close to 1/3 of your entire health bar in one hit. They drop Sky Blood on death, but are hostile and attack you on sight.

So, what makes these storms so dangerous, if you have all of the dimension's best non-storm gear? Well, that's where The Stormer comes in.

The Stormer is a new boss, which has about as much health as the ender dragon, and can fly. It is a giant, living storm cloud, with an eye in the middle, that shoots thunder bolts at you. A while after the storm starts, it will be summoned at the center of the Sky, in which there will be a chat message and some lightning to remind you about a minute before the Stormer gets summoned.

The Stormer also has a 300-block-long square boundary around somewhere near the center of the main island, which it cannot go past, so don't worry about losing it somehow, just make your way to 0, 0!

If you kill him, he will drop a bunch of clouds, and Stormer Lightning. Stormer Lightning is a new projectile, and is exactly what the Stormer shot at you when you were fighting him, which means it does a LOT of damage. However, it can be made into Lightnite, if you already made a sky ore builder like I recommended, using the following recipe (EXACT slots again):


And again, you can do this in bulk, as long as you keep the ratio the same, for a limit of up to 4 lightnite ingots:


Lightnite ingots can be crafted into a lightnite sword, which has a chance to strike lightning when you hit an entity, AND can shoot Stormer Lightning when you right click with it! (at the cost of a lot of durability if you keep doing it too much)

They can also be crafted into lightnite armor, which is one tier above netherite:

Lightnite armor. It has a thunder bolt on the chestplate and the helmet looks like a knight helmet.

There is also a lightnite block, which strikes lightning at its position and destroys the block whenever you activate it with redstone. This could potentially spice up your redstone builds with lightning, however you would need to replace it if you want to use it multiple times, and that may be expensive, especially considering the fact that part of the crafting recipe for lightnite is obtained from a storm boss.


Totems, when used during a storm, replace the Stormer with a different boss. There is currently only one boss totem, the Slime Totem, which spawns the Slime Lord. The recipe for the Slime Totem is as follows:


You can right click with a slime totem during a storm before the boss starts to spawn (It will have an effect on it similar to an enchanted item during the time you can use it if you want to make sure) to use it, This will destroy the totem, and make the Slime Lord spawn during just this storm.

The Slime Lord is a new boss with 400 health that stays in one place, but spawns tentacles at nearby players, which hurt you. The tentacles drop slime blocks if you kill them before they despawn, but the Slime Lord itself drops nothing. So, why kill him then, you ask?

Well, if you kill all current storm bosses (the Stormer and the Slime Lord) at least one time each, Clouderite starts to generate, a new and very rare ore that isn't found unless you kill these bosses. You will know this when the message "Ancient powers have been re-awoken..." appears in chat.

Post-Storm Gear

Clouderite ore

Clouderite is a new ore, way better than Lightnite, with the only downside being that weapons made with it don't strike lightning, but also, Clouderite items have a super low attack cooldown, meaning that you will get a lot of sweep attacks with swords made with it. It can be mined with a Lightnite or higher tier pickaxe. It can also be made into armor, which looks like this when worn:

Clouderite armor on an armor stand

(Don't say it...)


However, it can also be made into a much more powerful ore, if you have the patience...

A stormite ingot


This ore is the hardest to obtain in the entire mod, but also the most powerful. It can only be made during a storm, and is made in a Sky Ore builder using an equal ratio of Clouderite to Lightnite, as shown here:


Just like everything else made with the Sky Ore Builder, though, only up to four Stormite ingots can be made at once:


Stormite can then be made into armor, which looks really cool, and is better than Clouderite:
Stormite armor on an armor stand

Or, it can be made into a sword, which is both better than Clouderite, and has a chance to strike lightning at enemies, like the Lightnite sword, but double the chance of striking lightning! It also obviously has more durability and damage than Clouderite, however, it cannot shoot Stormer Lightning.

But that's it (at least currently) for this mod! As mentioned previously, you may find some other items in the creative inventory that aren't mentioned in the mod, that's because they have no use currently and are planned for another update. This is also why you can see advancements that cannot be unlocked without obtaining these unobtainable items. Please wait patiently so I can give these things functions in the future!

(If you want to update the mod from an older version, don't worry, I will try not to make any world generation changes or remove anything, to allow moving to the next version! If I change the world generation or do anything that makes it impossible or harder to switch the version, i will label it as a terrain change in the mod's changelog..)

Modification files
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Made platinum more common