The Shadows Encroaching

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This mod has you going through a terrifying world full of monsters and challenge, if you enjoy the survival aspect of minecraft this mod is for you. 

The mod is currently postponed indefinitely and may not get any more updates, but this is mainly because it felt like too much, however I do plan on returning to it and making a remastered version, until then, keep an eye out for my other mods, I may even have something coming out soon.....

you ARE allowed to make modpacks using the mod and use it for other creative purposes as long as you give credit to the Team, you may NOT claim the mod as your own.

Modification files
TSE1.15.2-1.0_0.jarUploaded on: 09/06/2020 - 21:14   File size: 4.4 MB

The modpack is mostly improved vanilla except a few mods that don’t feel much like vanilla :)
Also there aren’t to many mods since I am trying to keep the modpack fairly optimized (it seems to run the same as vanilla minecraft 1.15 which for me is 12-123 fps)