MCreator Mashup[Alpha]

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Disclaimers: This mod adds op stuff, but don't take them seriously as thins mod is for humor, not playabiliity. This mod is supposed to be useless and funny. If you want to join this mod, comment on the forum page. This Mod is in test release, and is extremely imcomplete.

Welcome to the (un)OFFIICAL MCREATOR MASHUP! Here you can find all the best creators from mcreator, embedded in a mod! It all starts with the mcreator ore, but woth combining different materials with it, you can make anything in this mod in it! 

IM making the Alloy Now, so the update will go slower.

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Build 1 

-made the mod :D

dont download it yet your meowmere dosen't work I need to fix it

Thank you for adding me to the mod, it's awesome! XD