Ethereal Revamp

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The ethereal currently contains...

2 new dimensions

1 new boss

8 biomes

14 new mobs

6 new wood types

some new materials that dont have a use yet

6 new ores

8 new Runes that includes the blank rune

and finally 1 new potion effect

The mod is still a work in progress so expect new features soon.


{How to summon the queen jelly fish}

first craft Ethereal jelly fish alter

then use the rainbow Ethereal jelly fish bulb on it after that you will summon it.





Planned stuff

100 new biomes

over 150 new mobs

more potion effects

over 20 new bosses

tons of secrets and more!







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sorry if im not updating this its because im mostly takening a breack

Modification files
Ethereal revamp version 1.5.jar - Version 1.5Uploaded on: 07/26/2021 - 23:57   File size: 1.06 MB
ethereal revamp version 1.6.jar - version 1.6 adds a new bossUploaded on: 07/27/2021 - 02:54   File size: 1.19 MB
the ethereal revamp version 1.7.jar - version 1.7Uploaded on: 07/27/2021 - 15:03   File size: 1.83 MB
the ethereal revamp version 1.7.1.jar - version 1.7.1Uploaded on: 07/28/2021 - 23:49   File size: 1.86 MB

Beta 1.0 added new mobs and items and blocks

Beta 1.1 added more new mobs, new items and blocks

version 1.0 added another food item, some new plants and structures

version 1.1 added a new food item and advancements.

version 1.2 added 1 new mob, a new food, a new biome and 3 new ores

version 1.3 added 2 new biomes, 2 new ores 1 new creative only item and new structures. fixed some bugs with trees not generating

version 1.4 added the abyss and 1 new ore

Version 1.5 added 4 new mobs

Version 1.6 Added 1 new boss, 2 new biomes and 2 new wood types

version 1.7 added recipes for some stuff, a item the boss drops and a item that will be very important in the later versions of the mod

version 1.7.1 added new abyss ore and changed abyss dimension type

ok im going to update this mod. im going to add more stuff but i need ideas because otherwise i will just add more zogoth and ethereal jellyfish versions.

sorry if i have not updated this in a long time. i have been playing new games and makin new mods so yeah.

this mod is the continueation of a old one i made but sadly had to be cancled because of way too many hard bugs that corrupted it

thanks i got mostly inspiration from realy cool lucid dreams i have every night. i also just wanted to make cool mod.