Void Expansion: What Lies Below Bedrock

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For the recipes: download this:  https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/jei/files/2757672 (JEI)

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This mod is an adventure mod, so I won't be telling most of the info, but I will tell the important info here: (SPOILER ALERT!)


  • The bedrock breaker is fueled by redstone blocks (A lot), and you need to crack the bottommost bedrock 3 times.
  • In order to activate the null temple (the one that has a statue with forcefield in the middle), you need to break the pillars 3rd blocks counted from bottom, and replace it with block of pertzites. (Yeah I know it is mega expensive, but I am just making sure that the player has some pertzite armor and pertzite apples.)
  • You shouldn't try to sleep or open an ender chest.
  • You are spawned in the dimension at y equal to 512 which is a deadly height, so better bring something that breaks your fall.
  • There is a deacy mechanic (Inspired by the Betweenlands mod) that you have to watch out for, because if you're not careful, you might end up dying.


This mod adds :

  • 32 New Blocks!
  • 19 New Items!
  • 13 New Advancements!
  • 12 New Structures! (+1 Upcoming!)
  • 10 New Biomes! (5 Main, 5 Subbiomes!)
  • 9 New Plants!
  • 7 New Mobs! (+1 Upcoming!)
  • 4 New Foods!
  • 2 New Potion Effects! (+1 Upcoming!)
  • 2 New Music Discs!
  • A New Set stronger than Diamonds!

All in just 1 Dimension!


All of the structures (12+1) :

(Bold = Treasure containing, Underline = Dangerous)


  • Void Ruins     (4 variants)
  • Void Mushroom Spikes     (2 variants)
  • Void Giant Mushrooms     (2 variants) [Most common]
  • Void Hands     (2 variants) [Umcommon]
  • Void Lava Spikes     (2 variants)
  • Void Skeletons     (2 variants) [Rare]
  • Endermite Nests     (2 variants)
  • Blue Mushroom Cave     [Uncommon]
  • Null Temple     [Rarest]
  • Lily of The Hollow Deposit     {1-4 grouped}
  • Void Volcano     [Rare]
  • Void Gargantuan Mushroom     [Rare]
  • Void Mazes      (2 variants) [Rare] Upcoming 1.3.0


Notes :

  • This is an endgame mod!
  • Don't drink a night vision potion, cuz it will ruin it's feel. (In my opinion.)
  • I'm not gonna make every biome have light everywhere, because I want my dimension to be scary.
  • You are spawned in the dimension at y equal to 512 which is a deadly height, so better bring something that breaks your fall.
  • In order to slow down decaying, you need to eat one of these following items: Endermite Juice Cell (Inefficient but cheaper.) or Anti-decay Serum (Efficient but more expensive.)


Credits (7):

Boss music - Toby Fox

Textures - Minecraft, Botania, Pylo

Sounds - Audiojungle, Soundbible, Minecraft



Project members
Lead developer
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
WLBB_sounds_1_1.0.0_0.jar - Combine the 3 files together, for the mod to fully work.7.14 MB
WLBB_sounds_2_1.0.0_0.jar - Combine the 3 files together, for the mod to fully work.13.36 MB
WLBB_1.2.0_0.jar - Combine the 3 files together, for the mod to fully work.4.13 MB

+ = added, * = changed, - = removed, BIG LETTERS = critical

Just bugfixes and changes:

1.1.0 :

* Amplified the low and high null grasses bioluminence.

* The null temple used to spawn in lava oceans too.

+ Added Lily of The Hollow deposits.

+ Added Lily of The Hollow.

1.2.0 :

+ Added chests for the null temple.

+ Added Volcanos to the following biomes : Void Wastes and Void Hills

+ Added Gargantuan Mushrooms to the following biomes : Void Mushroom Wastes and Void Mushroom Hills

* The player now falls from y level 512 when entering the void dimension (Better bring something that breaks your fall!)

+ Added Void Weather (dangerous and rare) and visuals like in the overworld. (For example: sun and moon)

+ Added many advancements.

1.?.? :

* Renamed mod from "Void Expansion" to "WLBB" (What lies below bedrock)

* Made the website page "cooler".

* Renamed mod again from "WLBB - What lies below bedrock" to "Void Expansion: What lies below bedrock"

Upcoming 1.3.0 :

+ AddING many structures :

  • Added Mazes to every biome.

+ Added Electrocuted potion effect. (Basically, you're shaking because of the electricity.)

+ Added Electrocuter mob.

+ Added Void Deltas biome.

+ Improved biome transitions.


* Changed Forcefield drop amount for Null Boss from 8, to 48.

* Fixed several multiplayer glitches.

* Made the Hollowman Hitbox smaller.

* Fixed Hollowman setting players and entites on fire 20 times longer than expected.

Looks very cool but for a dimension with no natural light source, I'm not sure if there's enough bioluminence and lava to light everything up, maybe consider adding some different light sources so your pretty biomes are actually visible :)

Cool mod :D
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