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About CCTV Craft

Whether you want to spy on your friend's house on a server or keep an eye on your village, CCTV Craft will provide you with the tools to watch whatever you want anywhere you want. We have used MCreator to make this complex mod from the ground up. NorthWestTrees Gaming maintains the mod. Currently, we have limited features but we plan to add more content and release stable builds as the development goes on.


  • CCTV Monitor Floppy Disk
  • Working CCTV Cameras
  • Electric Chain Fence
  • Chain Fence Gate
  • CCTV Monitors
  • Chain Fence
  • Barbed Wire
  • Name USB
  • Jammers
  • Drones


If you are using the mod for Minecraft 1.14.4 or 1.15.2 you will require MMP UUID API

  • If you are using the modification for 1.14.4 you will need to use MMP UUID 1.2.0 for "General Use"
  • If you are using the modification for 1.15.2 you will need to use MMP UUID 1.3.0 for "General Use"

Minecraft Support for 1.#.#

Newer versions will be supported for sure, but anything older is not possible with MCreator and only newer versions will get new features.

Planned Features

  • Proximity Scanner
  • Alarm
  • Signal Box
  • Terminal
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid Kits
  • First Aid Station
  • Turrets
  • Explosives
  • Traps
  • Metal Detectors
  • Submarine (Same idea as a regular controllable drone but in water)
  • Tracking System
  • Auto Drones (Drones that can fly around on their own)
  • More Resources


  • Cameras must be turned on in order to view them through the monitor.
  • Jammer blocks that are turned on will turn off cameras temporarily but when broken will turn cameras to their original state.
  • Monitors must be turned on in order to be used. The Screen of the block will update when it's on or off.
  • Cameras and Monitors must be on in order to use the Remote Floppy Disk
  • Use Remote Floppy Disks on your camera to store the camera's location.
  • Use Remote Floppy Disks on your monitor to add it to the block's inventory.

Official Sites

Camera Controls

Camera controls for CCTV Craft 3.0Camera controls for CCTV Craft 4.0


Chain Fence and Chain Fence Gates

Chain fences, chain gates and barbed wire

Camera Night Vision Mode

Night vision mode

Monitor Main Menu

Monitor main menu

Modification files
CCTVCraft_4.5.0_for_1.19.2.jar - CCTV Craft 4.5.0 for Minecraft 1.19.2Uploaded on: 03/08/2023 - 05:16   File size: 6.92 MB
CCTVCraft_4.3.0_for_1.18.2.jar - CCTV Craft 4.2.1 for Minecraft 1.18.2Uploaded on: 10/16/2022 - 18:13   File size: 6.69 MB
CCTVCraft_4.1.0_for_1.17.1.jar - CCTV Craft 4.1.0 for Minecraft 1.17.1Uploaded on: 04/07/2022 - 16:41   File size: 3.35 MB

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.5.0 | Forge [1.19.2]

  • FAdded custom buttons to the monitor screens
  • The monitor connection tab now shows camera tags eg. Jammed, On, or Off
  • Monitor lights now indicate if the camera is on or off
  • Monitor switches now indicate if the floppy slot is full or not
  • Camera names can now be updated via the monitor
  • Jammers now show an on/off light depending on their state
  • Compacted models for monitors, cameras, jammers, and chain fence types
  • Fixed the monitor screen name text
  • Fixed the monitor screen connection text
  • Fixed camera zoom for North, East, South-East and North-East directions
  • Fixed zoom-in issue with Noth-East for the ceiling camera
  • Fixed monitor GUI lights not unblinking when the camera is missing
  • Fixed camera view overlay camera name text
  • Fixed overlay for drone inventory slot item and slot number text
  • Fixed Name USB text field adding to the last input.

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.4.1 | Forge [1.19.2]

  • Fixed a crash that happened only on the server side when mining blocks with the drone.

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.4.0 | Forge [1.19.2]

  • Ported CCTV Craft to Minecraft 1.19.2

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.3.0 | Forge [1.18.2]

  • Added blocks of Drone Charging Station, Solar Panel, 16 Drones
  • Added creative tabs
  • Added drone blocks
  • Added drone actions
  • Added drone bomb projectiles and entities
  • Added drone controller
  • Added drone gun projectiles
  • Added drone inventory screen
  • Added drone key binds
  • Added drone key binds for movement
  • Added drone key binds for movement speed
  • Added drone key binds for slot selection
  • Added drone key binds to rotate drones left or right
  • Added drone modes for Night Vision, Flashlight
  • Added drone overlay
  • Added drone overlay icons for drone mode
  • Added many new recipes
  • Added more resource items
  • Added recipe for Barbed Wire
  • Added support to use the Name USB to name drones
  • Added support for permission cards for drones
  • Added tags for new recipes
  • Cleaned up overlays for the original camera view mode to add support for drones
  • Drone blades will stop moving when the block is off
  • Drones use existing key binds for Modes M and exiting camera view X
  • Drones have a total of 18 storage slots and 6 ammo slots
  • Drones will shut off when energy points reach 0
  • Drones can't fly anywhere other than air blocks
  • Drones docked on top of charging stations will convert FE into energy points for the drone
  • Moved items and blocks from the old creative tab to the new ones
  • Permission Cards now use a block tag for allowed blocks
  • Removed original creative tab
  • Solar Panel Blocks will charge better in clear weather while thundering will lower the charge
  • The drone flashlight mode can reach a total of 24 blocks away
  • The drone action Move Block will grab blocks in front of the drone and move them
  • Updated and added some confirmation messages for blocks and items
  • Updated some recipe group names
  • Updated some recipe tags
  • Fixed an issue where zooming was possible behind the camera in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with the flashlight crashing the game due to a sync mismatch
  • Fixed issue where inventories were cleared
  • Fixed issue with the previous camera button when six cameras were stored
  • Fixed jammer recipe not working

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.2.1 | Forge [1.18.2]

  • Fixed some message issues with some items and blocks.
  • Fixed issues with blocks and right-click events when holding items such as blocks.

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.2.0 | Forge [1.18.2]

  • Ported CCTV Craft to Minecraft Forge 1.18.2

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.1.0 | Forge [1.16.5 / 1.17.1]

  • Added "cctvcraft:recipe/dye/cyan" item tag.
  • Added "cctvcraft:recipe/gold_nugget" item tag.
  • Added Barbed Wire blocks.
  • Added Barbed Wire crafting recipe.
  • Added blood overlay.
  • Added Camera Name to the camera view overlay.
  • Added Chain Fence blocks.
  • Added Chain Fence crafting recipe.
  • Added crafting resource for cameras called "lense".
  • Added crafting resource for floppy disks called "magnetic coated disk".
  • Added crafting resource for monitors called "display".
  • Added Electric Chain Fence blocks.
  • Added Electric Chain Fence crafting recipe.
  • Added a new camera name to the camera view overlay.
  • Added new camera numbers to the camera view overlay.
  • Added new range bars to the camera view overlay.
  • Added Permission Card for editing camera members and admins.
  • Added Permission Card crafting recipe.
  • Added Screwdriver crafting recipe.
  • Added Screwdriver tool for rotating some blocks.
  • Admin permissions are a list of people that can set permissions.
  • Camera Names now auto-fill to the monitor when adding a remote floppy disk to the monitor.
  • Fences, Electric Fences, and Barbed Wire now have a chain-placed sound when they are rotated.
  • If the block has no members anyone can use the block.
  • If the block has no admins anyone can set permissions for both admins and members.
  • It is now possible to rotate monitors and cameras with a screwdriver.
  • It is now possible to set admin and member permissions to cameras and monitors.
  • Maximum Camera distance can now be changed using Game Rules!
  • Member permissions are a list of people that can use the block.
  • Monitors and cameras now have a button sound when turning on/off the blocks.
  • Monitors and cameras now have a metal place sound when they are rotated.
  • Name USB menu text fields now get and fill the text field with the display name of the Name USB.
  • On/Off states for monitors and blocks now use strings.
  • Screw drivers now have a sound when the tool breaks.
  • Fixed being able to view a camera that is outside of the view distance.
  • Fixed major issue with flickering overlays when the camera was outside of rendering distance.
  • Fixed Name USB menu not closing when a name has been set.
  • Fixed Name USB menu opening when right-clicking on a camera.
  • Fixed range icons from not displaying.
  • Fixed zoom when switching between cameras.
  • Remote Floppy Disks may need to be relinked to cameras if you have downloaded 4.0.0.
  • Changes have been made to the linking system to make the system more stable.
  • Member's support has been added and in the early stages of development for a permission-based system, there may be some bugs still with it.

CCTV Craft | Beta 4.0.0 | Forge [1.16.5]

This version is not compatible with 3.0.0 
This version no longer uses MMP UUID for permissions.

  • Added Camera Block blocks.
  • Added Ceiling Camera blocks.
  • Added Small Camera blocks.
  • Added Monitor blocks.
  • Added both item and block tags for all blocks.
  • Added on/off states for all blocks, they can be toggled by Sneaking + Right-clicking the block.
  • Cameras do not work if they are in the off-state.
  • Added Remote Floppy Disk item.
  • Added Name USB item.
  • Name USB can set names to a camera that will mask the Remote Floppy Disk display name for the camera when linked.
  • Remote Floppy Disks can be right-clicked on cameras to store the camera's data and position so that it can be linked to the monitor.
  • Remote Floppy Disks can be added to monitors by right-clicking the item in the main hand on the monitor.
  • Added a creative tab for CCTV Craft.
  • Added all cameras, monitors, floppy disks, and USB to the creative tab.
  • Added crafting recipes for Naming USB, Remote Floppy Disk, All Cameras, and the Monitor.
  • Added a recipe-unlocking system so players can unlock recipes once they have an item in their inventories.
  • Recipe crafting items now use tags.
  • Added key binds for zooming in and out when viewing cameras. The default is "W" for zooming in and "S" for zooming out.
  • Added key binds for cycling between cameras when viewing cameras. The default is "A" for the previous and "D" for the next.
  • Added key binds for changing mods when viewing cameras. The default is "M".
  • Added key binds for exiting camera view mode. The default mode is "X".
  • Added based overlay for the camera view mode.
  • Added vignette overlay based on the distance of the connected camera.
  • Added night vision overlay for when the night-vision mode is active.
  • The base overlay is now animated.
  • Added Monitor GUI screens (Main Menu, Connections, Naming)
  • Added Name USB GUI screen.
  • Added support for viewing cameras
  • Added support for keeping track of who places blocks using the NBT variable "Owner" and the player's display name.
  • Cameras now have view positions.
  • Cameras and monitors can now be toggled on/off.
  • Camera slots can be named but do not hold any particular use at this point in time.
  • Fixed a crash when a monitor exploded when the player was viewing the camera causing the player to not be able to rejoin the world.
  • Fixed night vision mode flickering due to a potion duration issue.

CCTV Craft | Beta 3.0.0 | Forge [1.14.4 / 28.2.16] & [1.15.2 / 31.2.0]

This version is not compatible with 1.0.0 
This mod now requires my MMP UUID client mod for permissions!

  • Remade the entire mod mechanics.
  • Viewing is now through spectator mode.
  • Cameras and monitors can now be made private or public.
  • You can now link cameras using the remote floppy.
  • You can now change permissions with the security floppy.
  • You can now remove cameras from monitors using the action floppy
  • You can now remove blocks using the action floppy.
  • Monitors can now store up to six cameras at a time.
  • Cameras and monitors can't be destroyed by survival/adventure players.
  • Cameras can be connected to monitors up to 5120 blocks away.
  • View mode now has a filter over the screen.
  • Filter blur now varies depending on the distance of the camera.
  • Cameras that are private can't be viewed by other people but by the owner of them.
  • Monitors that are private can't be used by other people but by the owner of them.
  • Added support / ported to 1.14.4.

CCTV Craft | Beta 1.1.0 | Forge 1.14.4 / 28.2.16

  • Added | Vyper Camera 1900 Camera View Overlay
  • Texture | Silico Cobalt Chip has been re-textured!
  • Bug Fix | "F5 Bug" due to using the wrong NBT element. (The same issue as the "Camera Pitch Bug")
  • Bug Fix | Potential exploit from Spectator Now uses adventure with potion effects of invisibility.
  • Bug Fix | "Variable Names" all variables now use "cctvcraft" before their tag or name so it's more compatible with mods.

CCTV Craft | Beta 1.0.0 | Forge 1.14.4 / 28.2.3

  • Added | Silico Wireless Receiver (Crafting Item)
  • Added | Silico Cobalt Chip (Lowest Tier Crafting Item)
  • Added | Centro Monitor 2000 (Lowest Tier Monitor)
  • Added | Vyper Camera 1900 (Lowest Tier Camera)
  • Added | Viewing Mechanics to the camera and support for future cameras and monitors.
  • Added | Key binds to move the camera and point the direction to view the camera.

Yep! Still lots to do for this complex mod XD. I will be coming out with a tutorial on Wed for this version, at the moment I am working on the router and pincode system, I think I figured out a way to set the pincode so now its just to prevent people from getting access if the pincode is set oh and a way to set the blocks pin code XD that's important too, I may make some minor changes to how blocks are linked maybe using an item would be better then shift clicking we will see...

How did you make the cameras work? I've always wondered how to do it. Nice mod!

I think you are asking about how monitors have more than one camera correct?
This is variable based like most of the mod, and will cyle a value I think I used a number value than just set a key bind to update that number (variable = variable + 1) then when it reaches a set number just have it go back to the lower number.

I guess I could just do
Y = X
X = Y+1
That is basically what I'm doing for my mod except it's
NBT = Variable
Variable = NB+1
It's just that this is a little tedious, and requires some tuning to make sure everything happens on time and allows the equation to get the expected result

X = X + 1 basically sets variable x then (gets variable x and add 1 to the value of x) this will increase the value by 1 while keeping the existing value for the variable. Depending what variables you use and how you use them will very on if it works or not, for example local variables don't save so they only run for once instance when the trigger is run.