Hodge-Podge III

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Welcome to Hodge-Podge III! This mod adds dimensions, decorative blocks, monsters and more!

This is the remake of Eonaut's original mod.

At the moment this mod is in early alpha, but new updates are coming soon!

Right now, it only adds Concrete Bricks, the first dimension, 2 mobs, the Magical Mirror and a few stuff that will be used in the future.

(more info coming soon, at the moment you can read the changelog)

PS: RaolCraft Omega, Modular Expansion and Pyromancy are not discontinued and will be updated soon!

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1.0 -First (Alpha) Release - 2/10/2019

Yes, I couldn't find better names for mobs, items and blocks

+Silver Ore, Silver Ingot

+The DarkWorld

An extremely dark and foggy dimension. Its portal is made of Darkworld Bricks and the igniter is the Magical Flint and Steel


Smoking Quartz Ore, Smoking Quartz


+Dark Elf

Drops a Pearl of the Dark Elf

+Pearl of the Dark Elf

Used to make the Magical Mirror

+Magical Mirror

Turns some items into others (red mushrooms into brown ones and vice versa, Obsidian into Glowing Obsidian, etc.)

+Thunder Blaze

Spawns in the Darkworld, drops Lightning Rod

+Lightning Rod, Lightning Powder, Thunder Paste

+16 Concrete Bricks

+Glowing Obsidian

+Oun Eye

Eat it to see better in the darkness for a bit

1.1 - - (Coming Soon)


A monster that spawns in the DarkWorld and drops Oun Eyes

+Smoldering Knight

+Smoldering Knight's Armor

+Vorpal Sword

+Block of Pearls of the Dark Elves

! Some bugfixes

Modification download files

Nice textures :)

I am glad to hear Raolcraft Omega and Modular Expansion will be getting an update (I haven't tried Pyromancy yet).

Submitted by Klemen on Sun, 02/10/2019 - 18:49

Already seems like it will be a great mod :D

Very Good Textures! Congratulations Raol!