Hodge-Podge III

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Welcome to Hodge-Podge III!

This mod has no theme, however its goal is to improve Minecraft gameplay by adding tons of different adventures, mobs and side-quests as well as providing a lot of new decorative blocks to have more options when building.

Unlike RaolCraft, which is an extremely lategame mod (while there are a lot of things in earlygame, you can't go to any of its dimensions before beating the Enderdragon), this mod will actually focus more on midgame, so you can explore the new features since the first days of your wold :)

This is the remake of Eonaut's original mod.

Some images (more can be found on Curseforge):

oni in the darkworld


jabberwock nest


These dimensions can all be accessed very early (right after the Nether) and the items you can get from exploring them include:

  • Arcane Bricks, some very special blocks that can be placed unlimited times and be broken almost instantly (without dropping anything - like creative mode!)

  • Aurora Helmet, an armor piece which turns you into a walking light source (haven't tested it with armorstands yet but it probably works)!

  • Potions of Lava Traversing which let you walk on lava like a Frost Walker enchantment!

  • Silver Apples which grant no food points but regenerate all your health (but have a cooldown)!

  • And much more!

This mod also adds many new features to the Overworld, including:

  • a new ore (Silver)

  • a few new structures (like the Golden Temple, the Snow Temple and the Mystical Fountain, a place where you can recover all your health, similarly to a checkpoint)

  • some new mobs (like Kobolds that light up caves and Werewolves who turn into powerful monsters during the night)

  • and more!

For a full guide of the mod, go here: https://mcreator.net/forum/54502/hodge-podge-getting-started-guide

Some of the blocks in this mod have connected textures (not in 1.14.4 though, since CTM skipped that version)! To use them, you have to download this mod: (https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/ctm). If you don't download this mod, Hodge-Podge III will still work, but you won't be able to see the connected textures.

This mod also has some special compatibility with RaolCraft Omega! If you also play it, the Collector will reveal a treasure hidden somwhere in RaolCraft (which can't be found until the Collector tells you where is it).

This mod also supports Ore Dictionary, meaning that you can make an addon for this mod or a crossover feature! There are too many ore dictionary entries to be written here, so you'll have to see them ingame using a mod like this.


Modification files
Hodge-Podge III 2.0.2 (MC 1.15.2).jar - 2.0.2 - Buzzy Bees Update (Last for 1.15.2)Uploaded on: 10/01/2020 - 11:03   File size: 2.7 MB
Hodge-Podge III 2.0.1 (MC 1.14.4).jar - 2.0.1 - Ammit Update (Last for 1.14.4)Uploaded on: 09/30/2020 - 19:42   File size: 2.68 MB
Hodge-Podge III 1.9.1 (MC 1.12.2).jar - 1.9.1 - Slabs & Stairs Update (Last for 1.12.2)Uploaded on: 06/16/2020 - 19:54   File size: 2.3 MB
Hodge-Podge III 2.0.0 (MC 1.14.4).jar - 2.0.0 - Reboot UpdateUploaded on: 09/27/2020 - 21:06   File size: 2.64 MB


1.0 - First (Alpha) Release - 2/10/2019

Yes, I couldn't find better names for mobs, items and blocks

+Silver Ore, Silver Ingot

+The DarkWorld

An extremely dark and foggy dimension. Its portal is made of Darkworld Bricks and the igniter is the Magical Flint and Steel


Smoking Quartz Ore, Smoking Quartz


+Dark Elf

Drops a Pearl of the Dark Elf

+Pearl of the Dark Elf

Used to make the Magical Mirror

+Magical Mirror

Turns some items into others (red mushrooms into brown ones and vice versa, Obsidian into Glowing Obsidian, etc.)

+Thunder Blaze

Spawns in the Darkworld, drops Lightning Rod

+Lightning Rod, Lightning Powder, Thunder Paste

+16 Concrete Bricks

+Glowing Obsidian

+Oun Eye

Eat it to see better in the darkness for a bit

1.1 - Smoldering Knight Update - 2/19/2019


A monster that spawns in the DarkWorld and drops Oun Eyes

+Cinder Talisman

Used to summon the Smoldering Knight

+Smoldering Knight

The first boss of the mod. It wears a armor and wields a Vorpal Sword. It has some special abilities but you'll have to discover them by yourself :)

+Smoldering Knight's Armor

+Wither Bone, Wither Bone Meal

Currently useless


+Vorpal Sword

+Block of Pearls of the Dark Elves

~Now Lightning Rod can be consumed to sometimes strike lightnings during thunderstorms

! Some bugfixes

1.2 - Quite Useful Update - 2/23/2019

This is the best update name ever

+Ember Talisman

Dropped by the Smoldering Knight. When right-clicked, removes the fire on player. It has infinite uses.

+Zombie CowMan

Spawns in the DarkWorld. It can drop Rotten Flesh, Iron Nuggets, a Mysterious Artifact or its Iron Sword

+Mysterious Artifact


+Dark Lantern

+4 Mysterious Dark Lanterns

Craft a Mysterious Artifact and a Dark Lantern to make one of these four mysterious blocks that have a mysterious use.

SPOILER: they are decorative blocks... You can still use them as corners of the portal if you want

+Thunder Rod

Like an Ender Rod

+Dead Grass

It turns into dirt if there is a block on it

+Mixed Bricks

~Now the Wither Bone Meal works and destroys plants and makes dead grass in a 6×6 area

~Now the DarkWorld is less foggy

~A few more changes

! Oun's model was bugged

! Magical Mirror rotation was bugged

! A few more bugfixes

1.3 - Wonder Geysers Update - 03/11/2019

+Connected textures support

Now the Dark Lantern has connected texture

+Block of Smoking Quartz

It has connected textures. Used to make the portal to the Wonderland


A dimension that at the moment only has the geyser lands biome


+Cracked dirt


It sometimes erupts...


A mob that spawns in the Wonderland

+Tumtum Wood, Leaves and Planks

+Tulgey Wood, Leaves and Planks


A little monster that likes to bounce in the lakes of the DarkWorld... and attack players.

~Changed some textures

~Changed some names (now the ThunderBlaze is the FulmenBlaze for example)

~A few bonus tweaks

1.4 - Temple Update - 04/10/2019

+Wastes dimension

The frame is made of Bone Spines, while the igniter is the Bone of Destruction which can be obtained by killing the Smoldering Knight.

+Bone Spines

+Tartarus Plant

It's like a cactus that grows on soul sand. It can be found in the wastes dimension and can be farmed similarly to vanilla cactus. It can be smelt to make red dye.

+A temple in the Overworld where the DarkWorld Scepter is found

+Temple Skeleton

Spawns in the temple to keep intruders away

+Wither Blade

Inflicts a little Wither effect for a few seconds when it hits a mob (that isn't the Wither or a Wither Skeleton). It can be crafted after beating the Smoldering Knight.

+Redstone Lantern

Works similarly to a Redstone Lamp but has a 1.14 Lantern model. It was suggested by RockstarBonnet.

+Golden Pillar

A decorative block found in the temple

+New biomes for the Wonderland

~Now the "Magical Flint and Steel" is called DarkWorld Scepter, has a different texture and can no longer be crafted (but can be found in the temple)

~Tweaked a few more stuff

!Fixed some bugs

1.5 - Better Dimensions Update - 05/22/2019


A biome in the Wastes Dimension

+Murkwood Log, Leaves and Planks

The trees in the Murkwoods are made of Murkwood (obviously)

+Walking Geyser

It spawns in the geyser lands (in the Wastes dimension). It is a walking geyser. Not much to explain here, just beware of it.

+Zombie of the Wastes

Another zombie variant that spawns in some biomes in the Wastes dimension. It actually has a custom model, it looks a bit more... zombie-like.

+Green Hunter

A monster that spawns in the Murkwoods. Shoots arrows using a bow.

+Green Hunter's Hut

Can be found in the Murkwoods. Just guess who's there...


Can be found in some biomes of the Wonderland. Currently useless.

+Granite, Diorite and Andesite pillars

They're decorative blocks.

+Silver Apple

Provides no food points, but completely heals and clears all the status effects.

+Horizontal Glass Pane

It's a weird decorative block. The original idea was to add a block that can be used as a roof for things made with glass panes, then it ended up being a bit weird... You can still use it as a carpet if you want. An uncomfortable glass carpet.

~Now Wither Skeletons and the Wither also drop Wither Bones

~Now the Magical Mirror can also be used to turn all logs added by Hodge-Podge into Oak logs

~Changed a few textures

~Done a few more tweaks

! You were able to turn a Flint and Steel into a Scepter of the DarkWorld using the Magical Mirror

! Removed Forge version check

! Fixed a few other bugs

1.5.1 - Bugfixing Update #1 - 07/01/2019

Now the mod no longer crashes with other mods that add dimensions!!!

+WIP Werewolf

I made it not spawn because it has a weird bug...

! Fixed biome names

!! Changed dimensions ID and fixed most incompatibilities

1.6 - Dark Brewing Update - 07/05/2019

+Dark Brewing Stand

Used to make special potions with new effects. Right now it's just the Potion of Lava Traversing actually XD

It uses some Lava in a Bottle, some Fulmenblaze Powder (I don't really remember its name now...) and an ingredient.

+Obsidian Bottle

Made with obsidian. Obviously.

+Lava in a Bottle

No, you can't fill the obsidian bottles in the world, you have to craft them with a bucket of lava. :( (Don't worry, you will get the bucket back)

+Potion of Lava Traversing

It's like frostwalker but it's a potion, is for lava and... well, sometimes it's a bit buggy so be careful.

Brew a Wither Bone in a Dark Brewing Stand and you will get it.

+Fully implemented the Werewolf

It's a friendly villager during the day and a deadly wolf during the night. The villager drops no experience.

+Tumtum, Tulgey and Murkwood Bookshelves

Like vanilla ones, their power can be drawn by an enchanting table.

I haven't added vanilla variants for bookshelves because there already are many mods for this.

+WIP Block of Voltslime

~Done a few tweaks

!Fixed custom block rendering when in hand, inventory, dropped, etc.

!Fixed some bugs

1.7 - Collector's Update - 08/08/2019

This update adds a very useful NPC, the Collector, many new structures and cross compatibility with RaolCraft Omega!

+Collector's Tower

A tower in the DarkWorld where the Collector can be found


A Dark Elf who prefers to collect ancient rarities rather than to fight. Give him precious (and useless) treasures and he will give you some rewards.

You can't give him the same item more than once. The reward is not based on the item you give him but on how many items you gave him before. This information is stored per player and not per Collector, this means that if you have a duplicate treasure you can't give it to a Collector (but another player in the same world can, if he hasn't already).

He will also sometimes give you hints on where to find a rarity.

+Dark Fortress

Found in the DarkWorld

+Dark Tome

Can be given to the Collector, found in the Dark Fortress

+Snow Temple Bricks, Chiseled Snow Temple Bricks

+Snow Temple

A little temple made of obvious materials found in snowy biomes.

+Slime of the Snow Temple

It spawns in the Snow Temple

+Ice Idol

A rarity found in the Snow Temple that can be given to the Collector

+Wonderrock Bricks

+Wonderland Dungeon

Found underground in the Wonderland

+Ancient Tablet

Found in the Wonderland Dungeon, can be given to the Collector

+A new structure in the Wastes

+Hunter's Pendent

Can be found in this structure and can be given to the Collector

+Smoldering Scroll

Dropped by the Smoldering Knight. Can be given to the Collector

+Golden Sapling

It grows into a Golden Tree after about one day/night cycle. Given by the Collector as one of its rewards.

+Golden Wood, Planks and Leaves

The leaves can be smelt into Golden Nuggets

+Oak Barrel

The others will be added in another update

+The first advancements

~Now the Silver Apple has a cooldown

~Done a few more tweaks

! The Werewolf spawned everywhere, even in other dimensions

! Fixed more bugs

1.7.1 - Bugfixing Update #2 - 9/11/2019

! Silver Ore didn't generate

I don't know how haven't I noticed this bug before

! Fixed a few more bugs

1.7.2 - Ore Dictionary Update - 10/04/2019

+Added Ore dictionary support to every single block and item that is supposed to be in the inventory

+Arcane Bricks

Can be crafted with Stonebricks and Stardust; they don't get consumed when used for building, can be broken quite fast and don't drop when broken. Kinda like creative mode

+A new advancement

~Some tweaks

!Fixed some bugs

1.8 - The Halloween Update - 10/31/2019

+Tainted Knight

A flying boss that can be summoned by cutting down a cursed tree in the Murkwoods (Wastes). Attacks from the distance and has many abilities that match well with his flying behaviour. While he is alive, Azure Haunters will spawn instead of Green Hunters.

+Azure Haunter

A mob that only spawns in the Murkwoods while the Tainted Knight is alive. Attacks from the distance, has 1 point of life but is immune to everything but melee attacks.

+Voodoo Pendent

A rarity dropped by the Tainted Knight


A neutral mob that spawns in caves. Lights up the area with the candle on its head. Drops a candle and leather.


A little light source


Used to craft Candles. Dropped by pigs or obtained by smelting their meat.

+Illusioner's Tower

A tower in the Wonderland where an Illusioner can be found

+Illusion Orb

A rarity found in the Illusioner's Tower

+Cursed Diamond

A diamond found as loot that has the same recipes of regular diamonds but disappears after being in the survival inventory for 15 seconds

+Mystical Fountain

A rare structure of the Overworld where a statue that completely heals you can be found. The statue has the same cooldown of the Silver Apple and can't be removed.

+Some kind of Glowing Obsidian stalagmites in the DarkWorld

+A few wip things

~Balanced mob generation in the DarkWorld

~Slightly reduced the Smoldering Knight's attack

~Tweaked a few other stuff

! The Dark Fortress spawned in a weird way

! Fixed many other bugs

1.8.1 - Bugfixing Update #3 - 11/04/2019

+Trader Dark Elf

A friendly NPC who can be found in his hut in the DarkWorld. Turns an Enderpearl into 3 Occult Pearl at the cost of one XP level. Also unlocks an advancement.

~Renamed generic Dark Elves to Hostile Dark Elves and renamed Pearls of the Dark Elf (and related stuff) into Occult Pearls

! Fixed all the bugs of the Collector: now he does no longer forget of you!

! You were able to craft Candle Helmets, which are still WIP and bugged and not supposed to be obtainable

1.9 - Tainted Update - 06/14/2020

This update introduces the third dimension of the mod (the Taint), some new structures, a new powerful armor, many new mobs, a few features directly from Hodge-Podge II and more.

This is also the last 1.12.2 update, so make sure to report any bugs so I can release a patch before porting to 1.14/1.15.

+Ghoul Dungeon

A structure found directly underneath the Cursed Tree. A portal of Ravenbricks can be found here. (The structure won't retro-generate in old chunks, you'll have to explore new ones and find another Cursed Tree if you're in a old world)


Found in the Ghoul Dungeon, is very slow until it finds a target, then accelerates

+Eerie Bricks


Lit their portal with a Tainted Scepter to go to the Taint

+Taint Dimension

Used to be a beautiful realm, is now corrupted by a noxious toxin. Consists of 3 main biomes: the Tainted Wasteland, the Skeletric Woods and the Dusk Desert

+Tainted Skeleton

A mob found in the Taint, probably used to be one of the explorers who came to the dimension

+Tainted Jabberwock

A Jabberwock that was corrupted and weakened by the Taint's toxin, can be commonly found in the Taint

+Tainted Stone

+Taintstone Bricks, Taintstone Lantern

+Grimstone Gravel

+Dusk Sand, Dusk Sandstone

+Tainted Grass, Tainted Dirt

+Bonewood trees in the Taint which contain Tainted Crystal Blocks

+Bonewood Log, Bonewood Planks, Bonewood Bookshelf

+Tainted Crystal Block

Break it to get 4 Tainted Crystal Chunks

+Tainted Crystal Chunk


Crafted by surrounding a Diamond (or a Cursed Diamond) with 8 Tainted Crystal Chunks

+Tyrianite Armor

More powerful than a Diamond Armor, but not as much as an Armor of the Light (from RaolCraft). Since it's kind of toxic, wearing it might poison you a little (power comes at a cost :/).

+Aurora Helmet

Lets you produce light from the head like a Kobold

+Kobold of the DarkWorld

A Kobold found in the DarkWorld, you might notice it by the light it emits from the candle


A slow cousin of the Oun that deals a lot of damage. Found in the Wastes


A fast and aggressive cousin of the Oun found in the Wastes.

+Blood Lily

Used to native from the DarkWorld and eaten by Dark Elves, can currently only be found in the Murkwoods (Wastes dimension) (But in future updates there might be remnants of DarkWorld oasis)

+Wood blocks (bark) for each Hodge-Podge wood

+Wax Block

+Golden Bookshelf

+A few WIP things which will actually be introduced in the next update

~Improved advancements

~Renamed Azure Haunters into Grim Haunters

~Reorganised creative tabs

~Done a few other tweaks

! Fixed some bugs

1.9.1 - Slabs & Stairs Update - 06/16/2020

+Slabs and Stairs for Mixed Bricks, Dark Bricks, Wonderrock Bricks, Eerie Bricks, Taintstone Bricks, Dusk Sandstone and all kinds of Hodge-Podge planks (Tulgey, Tumtum, Murkwood, Bonewood and Golden)

Finally!! I forgot to add them in the last update XD

Unfortunately, due to a bug the slabs can't be crafted in survival (I don't know why, the stairs work fine), but at least this update fixed an important bug :/

! Taint biomes generated in the Overworld

! Dusk Sand didn't have gravity


2.0.0 - Reboot Update - 09/27/2020

Huge update, messy changelog :P

~Updated the mod to 1.14.4

+Tulgey, Tumtum, Murkwood, Golden Wood and Bonewood Doors, Trapdoors, Fences, Fence Gates, Stripped Logs and Stripped Woods

30 new blocks in total :P

+Loot Vase

Break it to get some random loot! Found in structures

+Questgiver's Island

A floating island in the skies of the Tulgey Forest where the Questgiver lives


A Wonderland Elf who tasks you with quests to complete for getting a reward. Quests you can complete right now are defeating a Jabberwock and curing a Werewolf.

+Jabberwock Egg

Can be found in nests in the Tulgey Forest. Break it to summon... nothing. What would you expect from breaking an egg?


My jaws that bite, my claws that catch! (I know it's a reference of a reference but if you got it you have my respect.)

Breaking the eggs might enrage the mother. Just wait a bit until it finds you!

It is immune from damage until you hit it with a Vorpal Sword! Then you will be able to damage it with any kind of attack for a few seconds (you can obviously attack it with a Vorpal Sword again to be able to damage it more)

Unlike other bosses, it can't summon any allies (actually, this is more like a mini-boss, even if it has more hp than the Smoldering and the Tainted Knights)

+Sunrise Dagger

If you are holding a Moonfall Dagger in the off hand it strikes a lightning and slows down enemies. Obtained by the Questgiver as a reward for defeating the Jabberwock.

+Moonfall Dagger

If you are holding a Sunrise Dagger in the off hand it temporarily decreases attack and defense of enemies. Found in the Tainted Obelisk

+Moon Talisman

A rarity obtained from the Questgiver by completing the Werewolf quest. Can be given to the Collector for a reward

+Murkwood Oasis biome in the DarkWorld

A biome made of grass and Blood Lilies where some Murkwood Trees can rarely be found


The grass of the Murkwood Oasis

+Voltgrass Path

+DarkWorld Well

A decorative structure found in the Murkwood Oasis

+Stygian biome for the DarkWorld


A very dark rock which constitutes the aforementioned biome


A glowing mushroom which actually produces no light found in the same biome


Found in the same biome, a demon who only attacks players in the shadow. Will run away from players in the light.

+4 Mysterious Taintstone Lanterns

Building blocks that can be crafted or found in the Tainted Obelisk

+Tainted Obelisk

A structure located in the Taint, where the Moonfall Dagger can be found

+Improved Aurora Helmet

Produces more light and has more durability than a regular Aurora Helmet. Can be obtained by trading an Aurora Helmet and 25 XP levels with a DarkWorld Jeweler

+Wondergrass Path

+Timeless Key

The 8th reward of the Collector. Will have an important use... in the future.

+Tainted Healing Statue

+New advancements

~Rebuilt all structures from scratch and added loot table support to their chests

~Custom spawn eggs are now all moved to their own bar (which has a search bar)

~Updated textures to match Jappa's style

~Added tags to custom logs and leaves (they might support decay now)

~Now any log tagged as "logs" can be converted into oak logs using a Magical Mirror

~It can also turn Dead Grass into Coarse Dirt (and vice versa), Dirt into Podzol (and vice versa), Grass into Mycelium (and vice versa)

I mean, while playing modded you usually don't have time for exploring every single biome in the world (especially with biome mods)

~Werewolves do no longer transform in nights without moon

~Werewolves are now faster during full moon nights

~Werewolves can now be cured during full nights moon by feeding them a Silver Apple while they are affected by Weakness effect

~Now the DarkWorld Jeweler Hut only generates in the Murkwood Oasis (in the DarkWorld)

~Wither Blade can now be repaired using Wither Bones, the Aurora Helmet can be repaired with Silver Ingots and the Vorpal Sword with Occult Pearls

~Wax Block is now quite sticky (slows down movement) and flammable

~Renamed the Thunderblaze into Spark and improved its AI, abilities and animations

~Eating an Oun Eye will now grant night vision for 3 seconds, just enough to check the surroundings

~Tyrianite Armor will now apply Hunger rather than Poison

~Renamed the Trader Dark Elf into DarkWorld Jeweler

~Improved rendering of some blocks and items

~Temporarily changed the Golden Pillar to be a vanilla pillar-like block with log rotation, since there is no connected textures mod for 1.14.4 (this change will be reverted when the mod will be updated to 1.15.2)

~Geysers do now temporarily produce steam blocks rather than fluids since gas fluids don't work properly in 1.14.4

~Many more tweaks

-Barrels (they now are in vanilla)

! Smoky Quartz did not generate in the DarkWorld making the Wonderland inaccesible

! Weapons dealt too little damage

! The Healing Statue had weird rotation

! You couldn't craft slabs

! Fixed a few more bugs

2.0.1 - Ammit Update - 09/30/2020


New neutral mob found in the Murkwoods (only in the Wastes though, not in the Murkwood Oasis in the DarkWorld). Attacked by Green Hunters, drops leather and its flesh.

+Phantom Ammit

The Ammit cursed counterpart which spawns while the Tainted Knight is alive. Unlike the normal counterpart, is not attacked by anyone. Similarly to Grim Haunters, it has 1 HP and is immune to almost anything, but its weakness are arrows, and not direct attacks. This means you'll need both a sword and a bow to fight the Tainted Knight!

+Ammit Flesh

Dropped by regular Ammits and found in Murkwoods loot chests. Restores moderate hunger and saturation, but requires double the time of normal food to be eaten.

~Improved Oun, Elgeth and Grahl AI (they were way too dumb)

~Cursed Diamonds will now disappear in 600 ticks rather than 300

~Improved Tainted Knight battle (changed which minions he summons and how)

~Increased attack of Knightcards

~Increased Jabberwock's nest generation frequency

~Added tags to Hodge-podge wooden slabs and stairs (basically you can now craft barrels using modded slabs)

~Renamed Fulmenblaze Rod to Spark Rod

~A few more tweaks

! Both kinds of Jabberwocks acted aggressively against Dark Elves rather than players

! The Jabberwock's Egg dropped itself

2.0.2 - Buzzy Bees Update - 10/01/2020

~Updated the mod to 1.15.2

+Potion of Spectral Sight

Created in a Dark Brewing Stand using Occult Pearl, makes you able to go through walls for a few seconds, then returns you to the place where you drank the potion. Useful for checking for nearby structures (especially underground).

~Increased the hitbox of Ammits and Phantom Ammits

~Now the Golden Pillar uses the old connected textures, since ctm is available for 1.15.2

~Now Hodge-Podge potions give Obsidian Bottles after drunk rather than regular ones. Also, they are no longer consumed in creative

~A few other tweaks

! Walking Geysers erupted the pre-1.14 geyser fluid which is buggy

Nice textures :)

I am glad to hear Raolcraft Omega and Modular Expansion will be getting an update (I haven't tried Pyromancy yet).

I think I will release another update soon. I found some bugs and I want to do some changes.
Also, the boss has no actual reward at the moment.
The reward I will add will be an item (I think I will call it Fire Pendant, but the name will change) that when used (it has infinite uses) will extinguish the fire on the player.
You might be saying this item is too simple and it is overshadowed by RaolCraft's Fire Totem. Yes, I hadn't better ideas, but the Fire Pendant can be actually very useful in the Nether. It's better to right-click an item in the hotbar rather than place a cauldron and fill it with water. Also, the Fire Pendant is a lot more common than the Fire Totem: the pendant is mid-game, the totem is extremely end-game.
I hope you will like the next updates :)

Dude you’ll have enough mods to create a mod pack if you keep pumping them out at this rate xd