Erdmen's Garden

Published by Erdmen on Wed, 10/05/2022 - 20:14
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 A fruit, 4 farm plant, 2 garden structure, mini gardens near river, shed, 4 new potions





   Garden Shed: this shed has great features. you can give the seeds to shed, get special items. You can use with hoppers


 garden tree and shed craft 




find pealonplant in forest and wait for it to ripe
a pealonplant %5 probably grow to red pealon
if you dont find a red pealon, use shed, put pealons in shed for get pealon seed,( %10 probably give 1 more seed)
you can throw red essence to plants for speed grow and bonus harvest, full grow farm drop own harvest (this mod's plants less drop)




harvest abudance seed put in shed for abudance flour
red essence+abudance flour craft abudance essence for abudance potion
if you use abudance potion your feet grow crops and plants, tame around tameable animals and auto feed for breed, and fast grow baby (only cow, pig and chicken)


harvest drop emerald %25 probably
put seeds in shed for emerald gel
red essence+emerald gel for emerald gel essence for hero of village potion
potion level 5


sometimes makes entities jump
put seeds in shed for rubberball and sugar
red essence+Rubberball for rubberball essence for Rubber Skin potion
this effect prevents damage %75 probably


put seeds in shed for Icysugar and ıce
red essence+Icysugar for Ice essence for Froze Area Potion
every entity frozen in 20 block area and some time an ice shard spawn under entity and give damage




   This crops only plans on farmland but grow on every block (air,lava,etc :D)








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