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This is a magic mod with some awesome stuff to play with. Want to teleport around without the ender pearls use the Teleportation Staff. Want to get charged creepers without the rare chance of getting struck by lightning, use a Staff with the ammo being magic dust. On the topic find the rare magic desert biome and harvest the sand there and you can get magic dust. Going mining can bring you to the new ore Rore {Rainbow Ore} it creates it's own tool set with high harvest level this is instantly balanced by the low durability.

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version


  • Added Magic Temple
  • Added Magic Wood
  • Added Magic Leaves
  • Added Magic Dirt
  • Added Magic Grass
  • Added Magic Forest
  • Added Reinforced Glass
  • Added Safehome

Nice mod, but can you explain the features a little more?

Sorry for not making quick updates this next one is awesome