MWW - Magic World Warrior

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Magic mod with different attributes and spells, elemental and conceptual attributes.

Mod created due to inspiration from black clover and several other animes, cartoons, series, films and games and several crazy ideas from my head.

My goal in creating this mod is to create a mod with some fun and powerful spells for you to use alone, but mainly to use with your friends in multiplayer.


Download link via curseforge:

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Author nickname: Engel_blut
Discord ID: 176854023389839360

Modification files
mww-1.0.1.jarUploaded on: 01/27/2024 - 19:42   File size: 5.16 MB

Update aimed at correcting small errors and making small improvements.


- Fixed the aura being deactivated as soon as used by someone with 8 mana, as 9 is required to keep it active.

- improvement in the sky walker skill of the wind attribute.

- Correction in the functioning of support spells for wind and fire attributes

- Added exp gain when using a spell.

- increased spawn of mana rose, it remains decorative for now.