RpgCraft: Now with weapons V4

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This mod was created by 2 people; me (Masterkostas) and Alex (Axle 'The Reaper' Draco). We are currently a team of 2 people and would be happy to recruit some more especially modelers.
 The goal of this mod is to create an open rpg system like D&D mostly for custom maps but if there's demand we will implement complete Survival gameplay. For this mod we used Ebwizardry as an Api (you must have it in order to run this mod properly), blockbench and mcreator. It's still in development but almost 60% of the spells and staves are implemented.


  • Basic iron short sword (removed in build 3 and will be added in build 4)

  • 3 Tiers of enchanted blade that deals wither damage. (removed in build 3 and will be added in build 4)

  • About 452 spells out of 1000. (build 3 300)

  • 81 Staves with low tier Spells

  • 3 Tiers of magic cores for the crafting of magical items

  • Spellslot Potions (God's tear is the highest rank giving you 35points)

  • Arcane Lock: Locks chests and can only be opened by the player that locked it.

  • World's Tear: if you have an empty bottle in the off-hand it spawns a random SpellSlot Potion.

  • Pouch of Avarice: If you abuse it, will become cursed but while in it's base form if it's rightclicked while you have an empty off/main hand will spawn apples or bread.

  • 6 new potion effects.

  • Undeath buff: While undead you are immune to poison and in the future deseases, also you'll never be hungry.

  • Meltdown Core: If you have an ice block in your off-hand it will turn into an arcane core (random quality).

  • 5 Totems: Spirits that allow you to cast spells almost for free. They have a maintenance cost 5/s

  • Runes: No use soon will be used to add properties to items. (all the runes have been added)

  • Rune Enscriber: Creates sigil traps Fire/Eart/Frost/Lightning

  • Phoenix in a bottle: Summons a Phoenix to help you.

  • All base ebwizardry spells with scaling damage and effects. (YES FINALLY)

  • Combat Mode and Stats: In the next update there will be Buffs for Combat mode.

  • 4 Daggers: Low damage, Highest Attack speed.

  • Poisons for daggers: Put them in the off-hand and then they will be applied. (1 use each)

  • 9 New Swords: Short Sword (Equal to vanilla swords), Long Swords(High damage a bit slower) Saw Sword (Highest sword damage lowest ATK Speed)

  • 2 Spears: Medium Damage, High Attack Speed.

  • Trident: Medium Speed, Medium Damage.

  • Body Parts: Allows you to create dead bodies for undead minion summons.

  • Soul Stones: Can be converted to Hp and Spellslots.



  Soon to be added

  • New Spells made by yours truly.

  • Monk Punches (Will be added in build 5)

  • Alchemy

  • Minions

  • Deseases and cures

  • New weapons (will be added in build 5 with new attributes)

  • Classes based on vanilla minecraft XP.

  • New Properties for weapons (will be added in build 5 with new attributes)

  • Rituals (for lichdom or vampirism)

  • Mobs and new summons (need modelers though)

  • Passive abilities and races

  • Rune inscription.

  • Rune creation

  • Item skills for meelee classes

  • Passives for range classes

  • World events (again i need modelers)


  • Spellcrafting (maybe not sure yet if i have enough time to create it)

  • My map but that will be built after the mod is finished.


Getting Started

Sorry people the mod is not survival friendly yet. You have to cheat everything in, in creative.

Spells: You'll need spellslots of the appropriate level to cast otherwise you'll take damage. You can see if you have a Spellslot of the appropriate Tier by looking at the overlay in your hub on your right. If you have no SpellSlots drink a God's Tear or any other Spellslot potion in Survival to cast. You can cast spells in creative without taking damage even if you have no spell slots.

The annoying Red Text: If a red text appears "No SpellSlots" it's a warning that you have no Spellslots. Currently there's no way to regenerate spellslots apart from potion but when the stats system is implemented there will be.

You should play around with the Spells and find those you like. "Possesion" is Op btw have fun.


       Stuff you should consider testing

Staff of Slimes: Be careful because the slime minions will turn hostile after 30s (i can make them dissapear after that but i had to balance it)

Dark Repulsion: Favorite spell you'll see why.

Darkflame: Almost instakill anything dealing wither and fire damage.

Decoy: Create your army of clones.

Staff of Detonation: Cool Steves don't look at explosions.

Sheep-Storm: Did you ever wonder how many sheeps your mc can handle?

Decay: Simple and OP. (ebwizardry but i scaled it with higher ranks of it)

Dragon-lightning hand: What if you had a lightning dragon for hand? (the model is a placeholder)

Take a look to the totem system.


Important: There's a stat System in the mod for Hp, Acrobatics, Strength and Magic Regen you caan access it with nbt editors but not in game yet. There's Also a Skill system. Both of those will become accessible after the class system is implemented fully.

I also need modelers and procedure makers because this huge mod is still developed only by me and my modeler.










Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!





Forum Topic for recruits: https://mcreator.net/comment/124907

Modification files
Alpha1.0 prerelease.jar - As far as i know it doesn't conflict with anything.Uploaded on: 05/11/2020 - 18:13   File size: 1.29 MB
Alpha prereleaseV2.jar - Here's a second version with some more SpellsUploaded on: 05/14/2020 - 20:20   File size: 2.06 MB
Alpha pre-release 3.jar - No weapons but double the spells.Uploaded on: 05/21/2020 - 11:36   File size: 3.08 MB
Alpha Pre-release V4.jar - Rogues and Thieves time you get some gear.Uploaded on: 05/26/2020 - 11:06   File size: 3.85 MB

V3: Removed weapons

V3: Phoenix in a bottle (magic item)

V3: Fear effects (Aoe and Single Target)

V3: All runes are in.

V3: Health Stone and Mana Stones (health and spell stones in game)

V3: Removed buggy entities.

V3: Reworked textures.

V3: Doubled the Spells

V3: 90% of all ebwizardry spells has been added.


V4: Weapons and Poisons

V4: All of ebwizardry


V4: Soul Gems

V4: Some magic items.


Came back from my void in which i sleep.


Meltdown Core can be turned into arcane core (random chance) by right-clicking while having an ice block in your off-hand.