Magic of Planets

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     This mod adds engraved symbols of astrologic planets with magic powers. There is symbols of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

Symbols crafting

     For crafting you need a graver, stamp of special material and special dye. Some symbols may be engraved on different stamps. For example, you need iron or steel stamp and red dye for Mars symbol. Materials and colors of Sun and planets described in book "Symbols Crafting". You can obtain this book if you sneak and right-click by graver on workbench. 


     There is stamps of gold, silver, cinnabar, bronze, copper, iron, steel, tin, lead, uranium, aluminum, cobalt and tungsten. You can craft iron and gold stamps use stamp form with ingot. If you have in your modpack any mod, which add other metals, you can craft stamps of these metals. Also you can buy silver, bronze, tin, lead, steel and aluminum stamps from wandering traders. 

Symbols enchanting

    Symbols must be enchanted before using. They may be enchanted on crafting, if you observe time and weather conditions. These conditions described in book "Symbols Crafting". For example, you should craft Mars symbol at clear night. Besides you can enchant symbols by right-clicking on wool of special color also with observing time and weather conditions. Symbols enchanting may be performed only in owerworld under sky. 

Symbols using

     First, you need craft table of symbols. This table with symbols may be used for:

  • enchanting weapon, armor and tools;

  • creating potions from water or other potions;

  • creating spawn eggs from eggs;

  • transformation some other things.

     More information about powers of symbols is in book "Symbols using". You can obtain this book if you sneak and right-click by graver on table of symbols. 

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