Amateur Alchemy

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Hey guys! This is my second mod, called Amateur Alchemy. Harvesting grass can give you bubble fruits, and crafting bubble fruits with ores will give you edible fruits that will give you different effects! (It's like potions, but easier and cuter.)

  • Coal Bubble Fruit - Haste
  • Iron Bubble Fruit - Resistance (makes sense, doesn't it?)
  • Redstone Bubble Fruit - Speed
  • Lapis Bubble Fruit - Jump Boost
  • Golden Bubble Fruit - Night Vision
  • Diamond Bubble Fruit - Strength
  • Emerald Bubble Fruit - Instant Health (Invincibility)
  • Quartz Bubble Fruit - Fire Resistance
  • Glowstone Bubble Fruit - Regeneration
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1.0.1 Fixed stack size and released.

1.0.2 Reduced nutritional value and made drink animation.

Should I change bubble fruits to be drinkable instead of edible?

Why has this been unpublished? I checked the community guidelines, and everything's good. Also there's no comment here explaining what's wrong. What's the deal?

It doesn't meet the modification publishing guidelines ( There should be no hotbar in the image, also inventory images aren't allowed.