Applied Alchemy

Published by Draconius on Tue, 02/04/2020 - 00:27
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Welcome to the world of Applied Alchemy!

This is a little mod about some basic alchemy, such as turning iron into gold, gold into diamonds, ect. This mod has not been tested in multiplayer, so it is unknown if it works or not. JEI is strongly suggested, as only machine recipes will be listed here.


Essencing Station Recipes:

For all but below, recipe is dust + Particle Bottle in the required spot

Diamond Essence - Two diamonds

Essence Of Torch - Torch + gold dust

Glowing Obsidian - Obsidian + Essence Of Torch

Essence Of Division - Diamond + crafting table

Alchemy Table Recipe:

2 unstable metal & copper essence = 2 copper ingots

3 gold & copper essence = 3 copper ingots

2 unstable metal & tin essence = 2 tin ingots

2 iron & tin essence = 2 tin ingots

2 unstable metal & bronze essence = 2 bronze ingots

1 copper ingot + 1 tin ingot & bronze essence = 2 bronze

3 unstable metal & iron essence = 3 iron ingots

3 iron ingots & gold essence = 3 gold ingots

3 copper ingots & gold essence = 2 gold ingots

2 gold ingots + 1 unstable metal & diamond essence = 3 diamonds

2 cobblestone & torch essence = 1 glowstone

2 cobblestone + lava bucket & torch essence = 1 magma block

Recipes using the Essence Of Division are not listed here, but try it on some vanilla blocks that use multiple of the same item to craft it.

I hope this mod is enjoyed!

*New Glitch Found*

Warning: As of 1.0.1, metals from other mods replace the ones from this mod in crafting recipes, which is a mistake. This makes the Alchemy table ineffective for compatible metals, as it only works with ones from this mod. This causes compatible metals to become unobtainable. If anyone knows how to use OreDictionary in machine GUIs, please tell me in the comments section.

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In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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Modification files
Applied_Alchemy 1.0.0.jar - Original mod - 1.0.0291.72 KB
AppliedAlchemy1.0.1.jar - Fixed metal compatability - 1.0.1290.84 KB
Applied_Alchemy_1.0.2-untested.jar - Untested version - Bedrockium!352.41 KB

1.0.0 - All items and blocks work, except compatibility and compatible metal dust creation

1.0.1 - Compatibility was attempted to be fixed*

1.0.2 - [UNTESTED] Some recipe changes and texture changes. Dusts should no longer be compatible with other mods, hopefully fixing the compatibility problem. Alchemical Bedrockium added, w/ armor and tools (not invincible, but very powerful). A few other small changes...

*Bugs found: Metals and dusts from other mods replace the ones from this mod, which is a mistake. This makes the Alchemy table ineffective for compatible metals.

Great Mod! but improve the texture a little bit :)

Submitted by Draconius on Fri, 02/07/2020 - 00:24

I was thinking of adding a nether-related part of this mod. Should I?