magic world

Published by aac3 on Mon, 07/19/2021 - 05:50
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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this mod adding magic worlds and magic items, new crafts and portals, new mobs blocks, new command, new bioms, and more...

now you can craft bedrock.

void world=void

for creating portal in void: 1.create bedrock frame. 2. create void portal igniter. to portal frame with igniter.

beauty can be seen in a magic place

for creating portal in magic place: 1.create stone brick frame. 2. create magic place portal igniter. to portal frame with igniter.

for creating portal black world: 1.create dirt frame. to portal frame with igniter.

mini tip: you need killing bosses for getting not crafting igniter!

you can download all versions in my website!                   GO TO WEBSITE

Modification files
magic world version 1.2.jar - mod (minimum stable and new)1.97 MB
magic world version 1.1 public.jar - mod (unstable and old)1.9 MB
magic world version 1.0 public.jar - mod (stable but very old)1.82 MB

                                                                                                         Magic World 1.1

WARNING!!! This version can crash your old world, and if you create a new world, this does not mean that there are no bugs in mod!!!

-new scary (cursed) world

-new mobs

-new bosses

-new material

-new sword

-new portal

-and new bugs :)

                                                                                                         Magic World 1.2

WARNING!!! This version can crash your old world!

-new scary world (black world)

-new boss

-new world - heaven

-new two portals

-and bug fix!