OddyseyCraft: A Minecraft Fantasy-themed Mod

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Academic Free License v3.0
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Oddysey Craft is a fantasy-themed mod for Minecraft. The mod currently only supports Minecraft Forge 1.20.1.



-2 New biomes

-1 New dimension

-2 New ores

-Tons of new items

-A new villager profession

-Some new blocks


Details: There are 2 new biomes: The Azure Fairy Forest and The Purple Peak Forest.

Purple Peak Forest:

-can be found in overworld


Azure Fairy Forest:

-can only be found in the new dimension.


The Fairyland (new dimension):

The portal is made like an obsidian portal, for the portal frame you need a block called "Azure Fairy Stone" and to ignite the portal, you need an item called "Awakened Violet Veinstone Gem". You can get these items by trading with a villager of the new villager profession.


The Adventurer (new villager profession)

-you can make a villager have this profession by having him go to a Ritual Table.


Ritual Table:

-can be crafted with the recipe shown in the mod images above


Modification files
odysseycraft-1.0.0.jar - The mod itself.Uploaded on: 02/11/2024 - 13:26   File size: 66.15 MB

-Mod released on February 11 2024