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Introducing the Purify mod, where you can purify things with the help of the purify bottle!


Purify Bottle Recipe 1







Purify Bottle Recipe 2







Once you have obtained the purify bottle, it's time to purify things. So far, you can purify the rotten flesh and the poisonous potato to make them edible and not give you bad potion effects.


Flesh Recipe







Potato Recipe







As you can see, the flesh is a brand new item that you get by purifying rotten flesh. It's quite good too, but you can make it better by cooking it.


Cooking flesh








There are also 3 brand new advancements for you to try out, so good luck with that.




With that, that's all there is to this mod, so I hope you enjoy it.

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Nice idea :)
Your textures could be improved a little though.