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This mod brings weapons, creatures and bosses from anicent greek to minecraft.


  • geckolib api
  • player animator api




Mobs and Creatures


  • hostile mobs that throw you in the air
  • they can be found in giant villages
  • they have no drop

giants pic export


Satyrs :

  • friendly creatures, which are commenly found in satyr camps generating in the overworld
  • rightclick with sapplings (except birch), to trade them for more valuable items


more mobs

Centaurs :

  • natural passive creatures (try not to attack them though]
  • they spawn in forrests, but are hard to find
  • drop :  -centaur leather -(used to craft flying boots)

Pegasus :

  • passive
  • they spawn in meadow biomes and mountains
  • drop :  -pegasus feather- (used to craft flying boots)




ancient bosses

Polyphemus :

  • agressive
  • 250 health
  • gets stronger when below half health
  • lives in his iglu, which spawns in all frozen biomes (e.g ice spikes)
  • drop :  -spiked club-


  • agressive
  • 200 health
  • has a chance to turn you into stone when hit (kills you instantly)
  • lives in her temple, which can be found in a dark forrest
  • drop:  -medusas head-

Minotaur :

  • agressive
  • 180 health
  • throws you up into the air
  • lives in his cave underground, which spawns in the overworld
  • drop:  -mintaur leather and minotaur horns- (used to craft minotaur armor)

Items, Blocks and Weapons

Steel ore

  • found only in giant villages, which can be found in the stoney peaks and stony shore biomes
  • can only be mined with a netherite pickaxe
  • dropps one steel ingot, used to craft giant steel hammers



Hephaistos anvil:

  • used to craft the 3 god weapons
  • only optainable naturaly by finding a new structure, called hephaistos forge, which generates in deserts and can by found on the surfice
  • first slot is for one base item, secound one is for 64 olympic gems, which can be found in chests from structures of this mod


Rusty statua:

  • generates in an ancient temple found in forrests
  • when mined: summons deadly wind spirites which explode on contact, punch them to make them disapear
  • dropes a rusty lightningbolt, used to craft one of the 3 god weapons


flying boots :

  • crafted with 2 centaur leather and 2 pegasus feathers
  • sprint and jump to fly in the direction you are looking 

winged boots


pan flute

  • durability: 15
  • rightclick to activate stat boosts, which last for a short time
  • tradet by satyrs or can be found in satyr camps




spiked club

  • durability: 1000
  • damage: 8 ( 3 area damage)
  • deals are damage, when enemys are in radius of 4 blocks
  • player is slowed when item in hand
  • droped by Polyphemus


Medusas head:

  • durability: 5 uses
  • when rightclicked: turn entitys in sight into stone
  • droped by Medusa


Minotaur armor:

  • slightly better stats than netherite armor
  • sprint to gain a speed boost
  • crafted with minotaur leather, minotaur horns and iron ingots





Steel Hammer:

  • enemys hit, will be thrown in the air
  • player is slowed while holding it
  • Craft: 1-steel ingot,. 1-stick, and 5 ingots of your choice 


craft hammers

God Weapons

god weapons

Zeus lightning bolt:

  • duribility: 4000
  • rightclick to fire a deadly lightningbolt
  • forged with hephaistos anvil, by finding a rusty lightningbolt and 64 olympic gems
  • hit enemys to strike lightning


Poseidons trident:

  • duribility: 4000
  • sneak + left click to fire a wave
  • forged with a rusty trident, found in chests in the new aquatic temples, which generate in oceans and 64 olympic gems


Hades invisibility cap:

  • sneak to become fully invisible
  • slightly stronger stats than netherite
  • forged with a netherite helmet and 64 olympic gems

2diamond helmet


If more people are interested in this mod, I will bring more updates

Modification files
olympia_mod-1.5.0.jar - Giants updateUploaded on: 03/18/2024 - 15:05   File size: 824.81 KB
olympia_mod-1.0.0_0.jar - (requires geckolib api and player animator api)Uploaded on: 03/02/2024 - 13:19   File size: 773.57 KB

balance changes:

-buffed poseidons trident

-buffed loottables in generel


-new hostile mob: Giant

-new steal ore with steal ingot

-added 4 new craftable hammers