Trulio's Compilation

Published by Tontin97 on Sat, 08/20/2022 - 19:34
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How to get started

First you will need to find a amethyst geode and roserite crystals you will need that to make the first boss

The Crystal Golem you will need to kill alot

now find a purple structure and farm all the stuff that is inside of it and kill the boss Lord Magical (most importand items: Astral Essence, Wizard Relic, Magic books for wands and the necromancer orb)

now craft a Call Of The Lord and summon the next boss Saxxon The Magic Lord (lord magical final form) he will give you his soul, the soul is useful for the next boss The Abomination you will need a Little guy item and a smithing table, to get the Little Guy you will need to trade with the currency of the mod MARKUS, with the markus you can buy the little guy from a alien in a house, after trading with him you put your saxxon soul and the little guy on the smithing table and boom you got a Little Guy Transforming, right click and it will spawn The Abomination, when you kill him it will give you his blood and skin,

Optional Stuf

Mithril: useful for a new helmet a new totem and some stuff in the future, you can get it by killing Mithril Guards or you can get it from the wandering trader

Crystal Heart: this is dropped by The Crystal Golem and has alot of uses like making a new chestplate and for a Unpowered Guardian Stone that is used for wands and magic

Upgrades: This are upgrades for weapons and muffins, theres currently 4 upgrades for muffins and 1 for a sword

Steel: This is a new material for technology, this can be crafted with coal and iron this can be used to make a Smasher (makes plates for technology and other stuff) and a new weapon that can be upgraded with crystals and with the Crystal Upgrade

Magic Books: Used for magic wands 

Pet Orbs: The pet orbs are used to craft new pets (currently theres 4) you can tame this pets by giving them Tukani Berry wich you can get from a Pradanx Farmer Trader

VillagerPradanx Villager it haves 3 variants magic farmer and forger they trade useful things

JEI is recommended because some of the crafts are very complex and need alot of items


Modification files
trulio+compilation3.0.jar - THE PRADANX UPDATE, added new bosses and weaponsUploaded on: 09/21/2022 - 23:14   File size: 1.18 MB
trulioscompilation3.1.jar - Made ghoul blaster model more nice and fixed some texture problemsUploaded on: 09/24/2022 - 19:51   File size: 1.18 MB