Spiritual Come Back (SCB)

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Spiritual Come Back is a mod that allows you to return for your loot or your grave without taking too much risk along the way with the Spirit form!

Mod made with MCreator 2023.2

Note: This mod can be used to complement grave mods that contain items on death, such as "Corpse", "GraveStone Mod".


Important: This mod requires the Kleiders Custom Renderer API: https://legacy.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/kleiders-custom-renderer-api


Description: Embark on an extraordinary journey of spiritual revival with the Spiritual Come Back mod! Experience a captivating adventure where death is but a temporary setback, and the realm of spirits beckons, offering unique advantages and supernatural protection.


Panicked Spirit Effect: [spirit_Txt3_scaled_3x_pngcrushed]

Upon respawning, players are imbued with the Panicked Spirit effect for 120 seconds. As their mortal form temporarily fades, they take on a ghostly appearance, becoming ethereal beings. Swiftly navigating through the world, they are blessed with the effects of Speed II, Fire resistance and Slow fall, enabling them to swiftly return to their lost possessions.


New: Added config file, now you can modify all functions! find it in /config/SpiritualComeBack_config.json


Screenshot of the Panicked Spirit effect:2023-07-30_15 29 31

Spiritual Protection and Armor: In their spectral state, players must remain vigilant, for danger still lurks. If a player is attacked while embodying the Panicked Spirit, they receive the Spiritual Protection effect [spirit_Txt2_scaled_3x_pngcrushed]. This ethereal safeguard, known as "Spiritual Armor," envelops them, providing a temporary armor set that lasts until they retrieve their belongings or the Panicked Spirit effect fades away. Spiritual Armor set (3 pieces): [7_scaled_3x_pngcrushed5_scaled_3x_pngcrushed6_scaled_3x_pngcrushed]


Screenshot of the Spiritual Defense effect:2023-07-30_15 32 28

The Enigmatic Spiritual Flower: [ezgif-4-8fa799c4fc_scaled_3x_minified] At the place of a player's demise, a peculiar spirit flower blooms that exudes an otherworldly aura. This mystical flower clears all spiritual effects just by being near it, inviting players to test their destiny.

Screenshot of the Spiritual Flower: this

Spooky Advantage or Mysterious Force: Breaking the spirit flower may reveal an unexpected boon or peril. A 50% chance bestows the Spooky Advantage effectspirit_Txt4_scaled_3x_pngcrushed, gifting players with 15 seconds of healing to mend their wounds and continue their quest. However, the fickle spirits decree that there is also a 5% chance of a "Mysterious Force" unsettling one's journey. This force lifts players into the air and lets them fall, their fate uncertain.

Available translations:

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Link to curseforge: Spiritual Come Back (SCB) - Minecraft Mods - CurseForge

Modification files
SpiritualComeBack_1.5.jar - Spiritual Come Back 1.5 miscellaneous fixes, bug fix, new languages (read changelog)Uploaded on: 08/29/2023 - 03:23   File size: 662.77 KB
Spiritual_Come_Back_1.6_1.20.1.jar - Version Port for 1.20.1 with water breathing effect (configurable in config file)Uploaded on: 10/18/2023 - 23:31   File size: 667.45 KB
Spiritual_Come_Back_1.6.1_1.19.4.jar - v1.6.1 Small bug fix for the plant breaking underwater after deathUploaded on: 10/21/2023 - 23:42   File size: 662.4 KB
Spiritual_Come_Back_1.6.1_1.20.1.jar - v1.6.1 Small bug fix for the plant breaking underwater after deathUploaded on: 10/21/2023 - 23:46   File size: 663.25 KB


  • Added translations to 6 languages
  • Added better compatibility with "Grave" mods
  • Balance
  • Optimizations

Spiritual Come Back 1.4 Changelog:

  • Added configuration file (values, logic, probability)
  • Fixed multiplayer render states
  • Fixed multiplayer checkers
  • Added fire resistance to panicked spirit form (configurable)
  • Changed base duration of panicking spirit form to 120s (1min, configurable)
  • Added sound to the spirit defense effect.
  • Improved Chance Mechanic (%)
  • Improved logic of potion duration.

Spiritual Come Back 1.5 changelog:

  • Fixed a bug that allowed to obtain the Spirit Plant as if it were a dragon egg, added a database system to detect the plants and some blocks that can break the plant when they are under it, now there is a general variables that cover all the plant types (plains, desert, beach, cave, water, nether, crops).
  • Added a detection parameter for all the coral blocks so they don't break the Spirit Plant when they are below of it
  • The Spirit Plant now breaks the block below instead of placing a warped planks block when there is a breaker block.
  • Added 7 Languages (Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Polish(pulled by @suckinsyn Van via GitHub), German, Japanese and Turkish.

Spiritual Come Back 1.6 changelog (changes for only 1.19.4 and 1.20.1 at the moment)

  • Added Water Breathing effect to the Panicked Spirit state (this can be turn off or be configured in the config file)
  • Updated the config file
  • Ported to 1.19.4 and 1.20.1

Spiritual Come Back 1.6.1 changelog (changes for only 1.19.4 and 1.20.1 at the moment)

  • Small bugfix, there was a little but that cause the plant instant break underwater, now it fixed

I think there is a bug. This mod doesnt work with better F3 I think. When in ghost form if i go to third person the game instantly crashes

cool mod. how did you make the needles on the crown smaller than a pixel? roughly speaking, how did you make the model details so small?