Enchanted stones

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I don't know why I can't find my original mod page :\

anyway here it is


3 new ore tiers; dragon scale, titanium and soul diamond


soul collector (can collect specific souls)

dragon blade

titanium sword

soul diamond sword

lost sword


skull staff


stone of life: gives you regeneration and health boost

stone of destruction: gives you strength

galactic caller: can be used to summon the bosses in the game, entity 303 and wither god

mega Nether Star: used in conjunction with the mega beacon to summon entity 303

full soul container: used in conjunction with the mega beacon to summon the wither god

lost soul: can be eaten to give you some boosts


glitch mob: is immune to everything except direct player attack and fire.

magma pig: spawns in the new lava ocean biome and takes damage in water

life giving temple: a structure which has a chest inside it which contains some treasure, including the stone of life

bane of bosses: enchantment (see changelog)

soul mob and vengeful soul: fly around in void and vengeful soul will attack you

Boss battle:

Entity 303

on spawn, summons a lot of minions (blazes and ghasts), you must destroy all of them before you can fight him.

shoots fireballs, similar to a ghast's but undeflectable.

sometimes he will spawn more minions

it has 3000 health and when killed it drops the stone of destruction and 10000 experience.

Wither god

shoots golden wither skulls that have a HUGE blast radius

attacks anything

10000 health and when killed it drops the stone of darkness

spawns necromancers and withers on spawn




Modification files

0.9: The darkness update

  • a new stone: stone of darkness
  • soul container block, can contain souls and used to summon the new boss
  • wither god (can't think of a better name lol) attacks any mob that's not undead, strong enough to kill entity 303 and shoots golden wither skulls
  • weakened bedrock: a minable type of bedrock that can only be made by breaking normal bedrock with the ultra pickaxe
  • void dimension: a new dimension, only accessible by going under the bedrock
  • void plant: somehow, this plant is able to survive the harsh environment of the void
  • withered blocks: infectious blocks, no way to obtain them yet


  • Necromancer mob: has ability to summon undead
  • Wither god now summons necromancers and withers on spawn.
  • entity 303 no longer summon minions when it is hurt, only when it's angry.
  • soul mob: flies around in the void dimension and is immune to player attack
  • vengeful soul mob: spawns rarely in the void dimension and attacks and tries to kill 5 entity's before resting
  • void acid: a fluid that destroys anything it touches
  • bedrock spikes biome: biome that appears in the void
  • void acid ocean biome: has void acid everywhere
  • life giving temple improved to be more worn down over time
  • stone of power renamed to stone of destruction
  • lost sword: does 32 damage and cannot be obtained in survival (yet)
  • battleaxe: supposed to do 15 damage but doesn't work for some reason :|
  • skull staff: a drop from necromancers that enable you to summon undead
  • down under: an advancement that you get from entering the void (there's a bug which it is given to you if you go into the nether)
  • mega beacon renamed to galactic caller
  • Bane of bosses: enchantment which if a boss is hit it will do 2% of it's max health per level (max 3)


  • added necromancer base
  • nerfed the necromancer mob
  • new biome: void wastes
  • new disc: void
  • eye of void
  • void essence
  • void obsidian