ArcaneCraft II

Published by Fredzik on Fri, 06/19/2020 - 19:40
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Welcome to ArcaneCraft II! This is recreation of the original mod with even new features, better gameplay and new spell and ritual system! It's not that big currently, it's just beta. Soon with Patchouli support!

                                                                                                             Curseforge page here!

Wands got improved (now they are not just ranged weapons)! Added mana. Now your spells will have a bit limit! Inspired by a tutorial.

This mod allows you to cast spells using wands and perform rituals that can manipulate weather, time or even give you some magical effects!


                                                                  Click here for a guide for mod's crafting and ritual system!


Biggest future plans:

- Patchouli support,

- JEI integration with crafting blocks,

- more spells,

- tools and armors,

- decoration blocks,

- mobs,

-multiple spells in one wand.



                                                 Special thanks for Max094_Reikeb for help and French localization.

Happy spell casting!

Modification files
arcane_craft2_alpha_v1_d.jar - fixed Scroll Table recipe bug768.19 KB
ArcaneCraft2-beta-v1.jar - first beta, Crystal Tools balance changes (decreased harvest level)768.19 KB
ArcaneCraft2-beta-v2.jar - Added Mana836.49 KB

Alpha v1

- Mod created!

Alpha v1 c

- added missing Sacrificial Dagger recipe

Alpha v1 d

- [bugfix] Scroll Table recipe was not showing up in JEI

Beta v2

- added mana,

- fixed Runic Pillar (inactive) hitbox

Nice :D
but I think the logo should have a clean background on the first picture because the grass and altar distracts the viewer.