Erdmen's Air Dungeons

Published by Erdmen on Sun, 09/19/2021 - 08:33
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       This mod add dungeons have random generate rooms around a center room 

    Dungeons almost infinity variety


        Features of Dungeons:

     Center room: Random create roms in four direction. Ways, dungeons or noting. Center chance of occurrence 1.000.000 chunk in 2500

     Ways: Random create roms in four direction like center

     Dungeons: Have three different variants 

     Poison Dungeon: Have Poisony spawner, ores for  Olimpinite

     Death Dungeon:  Have Dedly spawner, ores for Height Stone

     Health Dungeon: Have Healy spawner, ores for Bright Crystal



        Features of Items:

    Poisonly Feather drops in Poisony, Deathly Feather drops in Dedly, Healthly Feather drops in Healy (all have %20 change)

    You can brake spawners with iron and stronger pickaxe and pick

    All alcemy stones make armor sets

    Poison set: Higher protect. Very low change give all creatures in 32 block area (not you, villagers and wolfs) poison effect

    Death set: Very low protect. Give all creatures in 32 block area (not you, villagers and wolfs) Wither effect (more change and high level than poison set)

    Health set: Give you and all villager, wolf and zombie in 32 block area regeneration effect (more change than death set)

    Air Master Sword: 16 attack 2 attack speed. Hit effects: %30 change poison %30 change wither effect %20 change regeneration %10 change levitation

    Craft nine alcemy stones for alcemy blocks

    Alcemy Blocks and Air Dirt make boss air guardian totem



      Center is air dirt bottom health block sides poison and death block(no matter directions) up is Air Guardian Knight Head (all this block brokable iron and stronger pickaxe)



         Features of Mobs:

    Poisony: Give poison to player near 16 block with low change

    Dedly: Give wither effect to player near 16 block with low change

    Healy: Give regeneration to player near 16 block with low change. stronger another air mobs

    Air Guardian Boss: 510 Health, 6 attack damage, 10 armor. Sometimes give himself levitate.

                        Drops: %70 change diamond block %50 change elitra %20 change netherite block %10 change bedrock %5 change nether star




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