Little Alchemy

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Little Alchemy

Based off of the browser/mobile game Little Alchemy 1.

Combine scientific elements into new scientific elements with which you make new elements! All items aren't consumed when crafted, to give the feel of the original game where you have unlimited items.

As of 0.2, there are 46 Elements.

I am currently playing Little Alchemy and adding elements to my mod as I get them in game.

Also, something unintended but ended up working well, the minecraft recipe book works great with this mod, As it allows you to get any item youve already crafted because elements don't disappear upon crafting with them.

Getting Started

When you create a world you get your first four elements, then simply put any two together in your crafting table! That simple! I suggest having chests specifically for this mod, because as of now there isn't any special inventory management solutions. Type /littlealchemy if you loose your basic elements!



-The element bag? An item with storage that is big enough to fit all of your extra elements?

-A gui. A custom gui where you can craft and play Little Alchemy(unlikely, or far future)

-Add at least 20 elements per update, and with every couple updates add in a mechanic to spice it up.

-Use elements to craft minecraft items. For example, if you craft LA(little alchemy) obsidian, maybe you could somehow turn that into Minecraft Obsidian? Possibly By using a block that converts items.

-Add more survival aspects. I could add a mode that enables/disables survival implementation. This would mean that if you killed a zombie for example, you would get the corpse element. 

-Add custom elements, elements that arent in the Little Alchemy game, and which require more than 2 ingrediants.

-Custom elements with cross mod support with my other mods (Aftermine, Stellar Expansion, Aftermine 2)

-Elemental tools. Combine LC items with Minecraft items to make special items(tools/weapons)


Elements List

Air, Fire, Earth. Water, Dust, Lava, Mud, Pressure, Rain, Sea, Steam, Plant, Swamp, Wind, Atmosphere, Energy, Life, Human, Wizard (0.1)

Fireman, Gunpowder, Explosion, Atomic Bomb, Bacteria, Sickness, Farmer, Bird, Egg, Angel, Allergy, Cold, Brick, Wall, House, Village, City, Family, Grass, Obsidian, Ocean, Stone, Sand, Glass, Time, Sandstone, Hourglass(0.2-unreleased)


Modification files
little_alchemy_0.1-1.15.2.jar - Little Alchemy 0.1Uploaded on: 10/22/2020 - 23:11   File size: 76.85 KB
little_alchemy_0.2-1.15.2.jar - Little Alchemy 0.2 (Newest Version)Uploaded on: 10/23/2020 - 14:53   File size: 163.26 KB

0.2 is almost finished, bringing 27 more Elements, which more than doubles the amount of elements available in 0.1! Also, When I say Elements I am referring to the items in the mod, not the mod elements inside of mcreator. The amount of mod elements is close to 100 at this point, but that doesnt mean there are 100 items. Basically when I say Elements I am talking about the items that you are crafting.

Nice mod, I played the game on the mobile a few years ago :)
Will you also add some special uses to the elements (besides being used for crafting vanilla materials)?
Also, you should be able to get the four basic elements in another way besides using commands

I loved this game as a kid and I still love it now, but you probably should know that air, fire, water and earth are not cientific elements.
They were the first periodic table, though, so it counts I guess