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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod adds vanilla-styled magic staffs and useful items/utilities which are (hopefully) balanced for normal gameplay.

(Mod still in developement)


The mod contains:

-Fire Staff: Can shoot fire when right clicked

-Experience Staff: Uses you xp to deal damage

-Healing Staff: Heals mobs/players when punched and gives regeneration to you

-Ender Staff: Uses you health to teleport when right clicked

-Thunder Staff: Strikes lightning when you hit a mob/player

-Ultimate Thunder Staff: Stronger version of the Thunder Staff, can right click for harmless lightning

-Tharium Ore: used to craft all staffs, found below height 32

-Cloud Boots: Completely avoid fall damage

-Crafting recipes for every item

-Custom achievements related to the mod

Please consider leaving your opinion in the comments!


Just Enough Items recommended (for crafting recipes)


This mod was made by Geilosaurus (Geiloghost) and made with Mcreator

Modification files
Magix-1.0.0.jar - Magix 1.0.0 (The first version)115.76 KB