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PLEASE JOIN THE DISCORD. joining the discord will give you accesses to stuff like progress on the next update and polls to pick what will be in the next update! 



right now there is only one scarab; the blue scarab. in the future i plan to add the o.m.a.c and the other scarab colors. i also intend on making it so only one can have a scarab at a time.

anyway moving on from the disclaimer

this is how to get started in Scarab!

first you will need to craft the Blue Scarab,

now all you have to do is use the scarab like any other item. 

then you can press 'Z' to activate the scarab

do keep in mind that this will destroy any armor you are wearing.

this is because the scarab was made by aliens who dont use cloths so they did not account for a host using cloths with the scarab.

anyway now that you have activated it you can levitate by double jumping or you can fly as if you had an elytra. 

you can press 'G' to speed up

You can also create objects such as a sword or a pickaxe by pressing 'V' to open the creation menu

do keep in mind that objects you create will disappear when you detransform.

if you want to get rid of a scarab you can do so by crafting an anti-scarab

if you have any questions or need some help please join the discord


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4.20.jar - fixed bug where crafting a scarab would result in an anti scarabUploaded on: 10/28/2023 - 21:25   File size: 347.75 KB

fixed bug where crafting a scarab would result in an anti scarab