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Witchworks is a minecraft mod in which you'll:

  • Bottle up xp, convert your junk into xp, and otherwise manipulate xp in a whole lot of ways.
  • Gather and grow magical plants, which will supply many of your brewing and enchanting needs.
  • Craft flying brooms and ride around on them.
  • Seek out ruins, dig up treasures!
  • Craft Essentia, unique magical items.
  • Craft magic wands and throw magical effects.
  • Wear a witch hat, obviously.

To get started, you'll craft a Stone Book - a pile of instructive tablets, which will walk you through the mod and provide you with recipes.  Use three smooth stone slabs and a piece of flint:


Then right-click it to open it:




The content of Witchworks is fairly regular mod-stuff; the novelty involved  is that it's engineered for four things:

First, it unifies these things, much like highly systematized mods (such as ProjectE, Botania, and so on do) - wands use Xp to work, and the ultimate protective item of the mod burns Xp like mad, but you can get quite good at manipulating Xp; it's all one system.

Second, that unification of stuff doesn't have all that many intermediate non-vanilla stages; you won't need to go through seventeen steps of side items to build something cool. When you banish items to the void to produce essence energy, that energy comes as bottles of enchanting, nice and direct.

Third, the items and options are built to tie into vanilla brewing and enchanting, making it easier to dig into rather than replacing it, and to smooth out bumps in the main quest minecraft comes with (culminating in the Ender dragon fight).  Most of the standard grind is pushed away (which, yes, means a much faster run of the main story, if that's your goal).

And finally, while it's absolutely a high-power mod where you get awesome magical stuff, it doesn't ever reach the power level of invincibility or total absurdity; enough dangers and concerns remain even at the most potent to leave a bit of risky fun; you just get to take bigger, wilder risks.


Requires Minecraft (Java Edition), and Neoforge for 1.20.4.


Aside: This mod doesn't have any particular connection to the long-defunct  (went away seven years back!) mod of the same name, though I was certainly a fan of the original Witchery Mod, just as the developers of that mod were.

Modification files
witchworks-1.1.0-neoforge-1.20.4.jar - Major update: Adds ruins and treasure, add new enchants, overhauls chalks, makes wands pretty in GUI; details in Stone Book.Uploaded on: 06/28/2024 - 16:29   File size: 2.7 MB

1.0.1 - Added Mending cabinet.  Retextured altar and cache, so now the core workstations actually look like they belong together.  Fixed the ugly-as-hell bounding box on the altar (that'll teach me to change models and not test the details thoroughly).  Improved GUIs on many of those to look spiffy, and made the mechanics cooler.  Very small patches of disenchanted earth now spawn in the world as rarities; if you spot one, dig it up for some seeds and decorative blocks (thrilling! Okay, not really; that part's just groundwork for adding more ruined bits later on).


1.1.0 - Major update: Adds ruins and treasure, add new enchants, overhauls chalks, makes wands pretty in GUI; details in Stone Book.