The Mod of Many Words

Published by Meemaster on Fri, 10/30/2020 - 22:31
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This Mod adds 1 Item, 5 Enchantments, 1 Block, and 1 Structure.

This may or may not be overwhelmingly over powered.

The new item is called the Heart of Words, and can be enchanted with one of the 5 enchantments to do crazy things:

  • Heart of Cold: Whenever you would be Slowed or given Mining Fatigue, you are instead given both Speed and Haste.
  • Heart of Flame: You are immune to fire damage.
  • Heart of Storms: While you are Sneaking, lightning constantly strikes around you.
  • Heart of the Assassin: You gain Invisibility, Speed, and Strength while you are Sprinting.
  • Heart of the Archer: While you are Sneaking, you constantly fire arrows.

The Block and the Structure are how you get this new item. The Structure is the Abandoned Library. Each of the bookcases are shaped in the form of a letter or number. Insert the combination into the new Block, the Receiver of Words, to get the Heart of Words.

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